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Urban Forestry Research Guide

Information resources for Urban Forestry research and study.

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Other Relevant Databases

For an outline of a comprehensive science literature review, click here: Science Literature Review.

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Suggested databases:


Search specialized magazines and journals when looking for articles on your research topic. Some suggested browsing examples are:

To browse journal titles, click here: Mansfield Library Journals.

Browse or search ejournal packages (note: some allow keyword searching of article full text):

To evaluate, compare, and rank journals using citation data, click on Journal Citation Reports or Scimago.

Book Catalogs

Consider various subject headings appropriate to your research topic when searching for books in catalogs. A partial list of headings to use are: urban forestry; trees in cities; community forestry; tree planting; vegetation management.

Book catalog resources:

Main Dewey Decimal call numbers for browsing Urban Forestry materials in the Mansfield Library book stacks are: 635.9

For a more detailed view of Dewey Decimal call numbers, click on: Dewey Decimal Classification Summaries.

Main Government Document call numbers for browsing Urban Forestry materials in the Mansfield Library book stacks or library catalog: A 13

Research Papers A 13.78 (Initials of Station - Number of Paper)
Research Notes A 13.79 (Initials of Station - Number of Note)
Resource Bulletin A 13.80 (Initials of Station - Number of Bulletin)
General Technical Report A 13.88 (Initials of Station - Number of Report)
U.S. Forest and Range Experiment Stations Station Initials
Forest Products Laboratory FPL
Intermountain Research Station INT
North Central Forest Experiment Station NC
Northeastern Forest Experiment Station NE
Pacific NorthWest Forest and Range Experiment Station PNW
Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station RM
Southeastern Forest Experiment Station SE
Southern Forest Experiment Station SO
U.S.D.A., Forest Service, Washington, D.C. WO

See U.S. Forest Service Publications on the Forestry Research Guide at Humboldt State University for more information.

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Handbooks

  • Botanical Latin (580.14 S799)
  • The Concise Dictionary of Botany (581.03 C744)
  • Dictionary of Forestry (634.903 T319)
  • Dictionary of Plant Toxins (615.952 D554)
  • Dictionary of Wood Products Industry (674.058 H236)
  • Encyclopedia of Agricultural Science (630.3 E56)
  • Encyclopedia of Entomology - Online encyclopedia.
  • Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences - Online encyclopedia.
  • Encyclopedia of Horticulture (635.903 E93n)
  • Encyclopedia of World Timbers (634.97 B778)
  • Hortus third : A Concise Dictionary of Plants Cultivated in the United States & Canada (634.03 B155)
  • Seeds of Woody Plants in North America (634.9562 Y73s 1992)
  • The Literature of Forestry and Agroforestry (634.9 L776)
  • Terminology of Forest Science: Technology, Practice and Byproducts (634.903 T319)
  • Trees and Shrubs in Montana (582.1609786 T786)
  • Wikipedia - An encyclopedia that is written & edited anonymously & collaboratively.

Grants and Funding Sources

Web Sites - Search Engines

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Citation Guides

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