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Library Guide to Finding Articles

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser plugin that will connect you to full text available from the library when you start your research on Google or websites like Wikipedia. It's quick to install and it ensures you are associated with the UM library to find full text in sources that we pay to license or available in open sources.


Step 1) Go to

Choose the extension for the browser you wish to install it on.

Choose Add to install it.

Step 2) Under Select Organization, find University of Montana Missoula. Once selected, you should see a UM library logo.

LibKey Nomad window

Step 3) Start searching Google, Google Scholar, PubMed, Wikipedia, and thousands of scholarly publisher websites. Look for the Nomad green flame button to obtain full text from the library. Note: By default, the Nomad button displays in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. A user can modify the placement of this button through Options above the UM logo on the Nomad window.

Nomad will present one of three options shown in these examples.

Example 1) Download PDF - Directly provides a PDF. The example shows an article from the Wiley website. A user working off campus and not authenticated through library systems would get a paywall for this article. They would need to visit the library site and search the catalog to find the article. LibKey Nomad eliminates this step.

LibKey Nomad Download PDF

Example 2) Article Link - The user gets a paywall (purchase prompt) because the library does not have a subscription to the Journal of Genetics through Springer, the publisher. The LibKey Nomad bubble pops up with a link to download the article from a database licensed by the library.

LibKey Nomad Article Link

Example 3) Access Options - This means the library does not have an existing full text source, but you will be able to submit an interlibrary request through a pre-populated form to receive a copy. Articles are supplied within 1-4 days. For Elsevier ScienceDirect articles, users will have the option of rapid article delivery through Article Galaxy Scholar (AGS). See Requesting articles directly through ScienceDirect.

LibKey Nomad Access Options

PubMed and LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad enables in-line article access options in PubMed. PDFs and other article options will display in the brief results, reducing the clicks it takes to get an article.

PubMed with LibKey

Wikipedia and LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad enables in-line article access options in Wikipedia via the Citations section of articles. This feature can also direct you to ebooks from the library's collections. Example below: Wikipedia article on "Caffeine."

Wikipedia with LibKey Nomad