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Geosciences Research Guide: Home

Information resources for Geoscience research and study.

Start Here / Best Databases

     Google Scholar - Scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources.

     USGS Publications Warehouse (1880-Present) - Comprehensive index of USGS series, reports, maps, etc.

Other Relevant Databases

For an overview of the Cycle of Scientific Communication click here: Scientific Communication.

For an outline of a Comprehensive Science Literature Review click here: Science Literature Review.

For tips on improving database search results click here: Improving Database Search Results.


Suggested databases:


Search specialized journals when looking for articles on your research topic. Some suggeted browsing examples are: Advances in Water Resources; Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences; Earth Science Reviews; Geology; Geomorphology; Global Biogeochemical Cycles; Journal of Geology; Journal of Glaciology; Journal of Metamorphic Geology; Journal of Sedimentary Research; Palaios; Quaternary Science Reviews; Sedimentology.


To Browse Journal Titles click here: Mansfield Library Journals or here Citation Linker.

Browse or Search Ejournal Packages (NOTE: Some allow keyword searching of article fulltext):

For an explanation of Popular vs. Scholarly (magazines versus research journals) click here: Popular vs. Scholarly.

For an explanation of Peer Review click here: Peer Review in 5 Minutes.

For an overview of placing article alerts click here: Article Alerts.

To evaluate, compare, and rank journals using citation data click on: Journal Citation Reports or on Scimago.

Book Catalogs

Book catalog resources:

  • Basic Textbooks in the Geological Sciences
  • Google Book Search - Snippet and full-text views of books as they are scanned by the Google Book Project.
  • Roadside Geology Series - roadside geology and geology underfoot state series
  • Springer Ebooks - Academic ebooks, Fulltext (with pdf), from 2005 - 2015, in Behavioral Science; Biomedical & Life Sciences; Business & Economics; Earth & Environmental Science; Humanities, Social Sciences & Law; Mathematics and Statistics; and Physics & Astronomy
  • WorldCat - All time periods; Library Union Catalog; Books, Media, Government Documents, etc.
  • OneSearch - Mansfield Library collections


Main Dewey Decimal call numbers for browsing Geoscience materials in the Mansfield Library book stacks:

  • 549 Mineralogy
  • 550 Earth sciences
  • 551 Geology, hydrology & meteorology
  • 552 Petrology
  • 553 Economic geology
  • 554 Earth sciences of Europe
  • 555 Earth sciences of Asia
  • 556 Earth sciences of Africa
  • 557 Earth sciences of North America
  • 558 Earth sciences of South America
  • 559 Earth sciences of other areas
  • 560 Paleontology; paleozoology
  • 561 Paleobotany; fossil microorganisms
  • 562 Fossil invertebrates
  • 563 Fossil marine & seashore invertebrates
  • 564 Fossil mollusks & molluscoids
  • 565 Fossil anthropods
  • 566 Fossil chordates
  • 567 Fossil cold-blooded vertebrates; fossil fishes
  • 568 Fossil birds
  • 569 Fossil mammals

For a detailed view of Dewey Decimal call numbers click on: Dewey Decimal Classification Summaries.


Geological Society of America - Publication Series.

  • Abstracts (550.6 G345a - Lv.5)
  • Bulletin (550.6 G345b - Lv.5)
  • Memoir (550.6 G345mo - Lv.5)
  • Special Papers (550.6 G345s - Lv.5)

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology - Publication Series.

  • Annual Report (557.86 M8r - Lv.4- MT Collection)
  • Bulletin (557.86 M8b - Lv.4- MT Collection)
  • Publication Catalog (557.86 X M8p - Lv.4- MT Collection)
  • Special Puclication (557.86 M8s - Lv.4- MT Collection)

U.S. Government Documents

  • GPO Monthly Catalog - Government Documents, 1976-present
  • Cumulative Subject Index to the Monthly Catalog (015.73 X C9711, 1900-1971)
  • Cumulative Title Index to U.S. Public Documents (015.73 X L642c, 1789-1976)

U.S. Geological Survey - Publication Series.

(NOTE: Check OneSearch for electronic, paper, and microfiche copies; also see USGS Publications Warehouse (1880-present).

  • Bulletin (I 19.3: plus the Report Number - Lv.1 Gov Docs)
  • Circular (I 19.4/2: plus the Report Number - Lv.1 Gov Docs)
  • Open-File Reports (I 19.76: plus the Report Number - Lv.1 Gov Docs)
  • Professional Papers (I 19.16: plus the Report Number - Lv.1 Gov Docs)
  • Water-Resources Investigative Reports (I 19.42/4: plus the Report Number - Lv.1 Gov Docs)
  • Water-Supply Papers (I 19.13: plus the Report number - Lv.1 Gov Docs)

Dictionaries, Directories, Encyclopedias & Handbooks


(NOTE: check library catalog for electronic, paper, and microfiche copies; also see USGS Publications Warehouse (1880-present).


Climatic Data for the World C 55.211 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)

Climatological Data. Montana Section.

  • A 29.29/22:, 1902-1938 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)
  • C 30.18/22:, 1939-1968 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)
  • C 55.214/23:, 1969-1999 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)

Climatological Data. Missoula, Montana.

  • C 30.56/22x:, 1942-1970 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)
  • C 55.217:, 1971-1978 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)
  • C 55.287/28-8:, 1979-1983 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)
  • C 55.286/6-27:, 1984-1998 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)

Precipitation Data. Montana.

  • C 30.59/211:, 1951-1966 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)
  • C 55.216/21:, 1967-present (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)

Web Sites - Search Engines

For hints on how to use search engines effectively, take a look at the following: Finding and Evaluating Web Sites.

Some suggested search engines are:

Citation Guides

Here are some resources to help you manage your bibliographies:

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