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Fire Management Research Guide: Home

Information resources for Forest Fire or Wildfire Management research and study.

Start Here / Best Databases

  • Web of Science - Indexes the world’s leading peer reviewed, journal literature in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities and provides searching of cited references from 1900 to the present.
  • Google Scholar - Scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources.
  • Agricola - Agriculture, botany, forestry, grazing, range management, and Forest Service reports.

Other Relevant Databases

For an overview of the Cycle of Scientific Communication click here: Scientific Communication.

For an outline of a Comprehensive Science Literature Review click here: Science Literature Review.

For tips on improving database search results click here: Improving Database Search Results.


Suggested databases:


Search specialized magazines and journals when looking for articles on your research topic. Some suggested browsing examples to look at are: Canadian Journal of Forest Research; Fire Management Today; Forest Ecology and Management; International Journal of Wildland Fire; Wildfire.


To Browse Journal Titles click here: Mansfield Library Journals.

Browse or Search Ejournal Packages (note: Some allow keyword searching of article fulltext):

For an explanation of Popular vs. Scholarly (magazines versus research journals) click here: Popular vs. Scholarly.

For an explanation of Peer Review click here: Peer Review in 5 Minutes.

For an overview of placing article alerts click here: Article Alerts.

To evaluate, compare, and rank journals using citation data click on: Journal Citation Reports or on Scimago.

Book Catalogs

Consider various subject headings appropriate to your research topic when searching for books in catalogs. A partial list of headings to use are: wildfires; wildfire; forest fires; fire ecology; fire management.


Book catalog resources:

For a detailed view of Dewey Decimal call numbers click on: Dewey Decimal Classification Summaries.

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Handbooks

Web Sites - Search Engines

For hints on how to use search engines effectively, take a look at the following: Finding and Evaluating Web Sites.


Some suggested search engines are:

Citation Guides

Here are some resources to help you manage your bibliographies:

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