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Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Guide

Information resources for Chemistry or Biochemistry research and study.

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Other Relevant Databases

For an outline of a comprehensive science literature review, click here: Science Literature Review.

For tips on improving database search results, click here: Improving Database Search Results.

Suggested databases:


Search specialized journals when looking for articles on your research topic. Some suggested browsing examples to look at are:

To browse journal titles, click here: Mansfield Library Journals.

Browse or search ejournal packages (NOTE: Some allow keyword searching of article full text):

To evaluate, compare, and rank journals using citation data, click on Journal Citation Reports and/or Scimago.

Book Catalogs

Main Dewey Decimal call numbers for browsing chemistry materials in the Mansfield Library book stacks:

540 Chemistry & allied sciences

  • 541 Physical & theoretical chemistry
  • 542 Techniques, equipment, materials
  • 543 Analytical chemistry
  • 544 Qualitative analysis
  • 545 Quantitative analysis
  • 546 Inorganic chemistry
  • 547 Organic chemistry
  • 548 Crystallography
  • 549 Mineralogy

For a more detailed view of Dewey Decimal call numbers, click on: Dewey Decimal Classification Summaries

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

  • Cassell Dictionary of Chemistry (540.3 H3216c)
  • Comprehensive Chemometrics
  • Concise Encyclopedia Chemistry (540.3 A111)
  • Dictionary of Chemical Names and Synonyms (660.03 H851)
  • Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds (547.0503 D554)
  • Dictionary of Steroids (574.1924303 D554)
  • Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (660.3 E56)
  • Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry (542.85 E56)
  • Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry (546.03 E56)
  • Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology (503 E56)
  • Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis (547.2 E56)
  • Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry (543.0858 E5646)
  • Facts on File Dictionary of Chemistry (540.3 F1428)
  • German Dictionary of Chemistry, Langenscheidt Routledge (540.3 L275)
  • Glossary of Chemical Terms (540.3 H229)
  • Great Chemists (540 F219)
  • Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary (540.3 H396 1997)
  • IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology
  • Macmillan Encyclopedia of Chemistry (540.3 M167)
  • McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Chemistry
  • Treatise on Geochemistry
  • Wikipedia
  • Women in Chemistry and Physics (540 W872)

Handbooks, Tables, and Data

Grants and Funding Sources

Web Sites - Search Engines

Citation Guides

Here are some resources to help you manage your bibliographies:

  • The ACS Style Guide (808.06654 A187)
  • EndNote