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Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Guide: Home

Information resources for Chemistry or Biochemistry research and study.

Start Here / Best Databases

  • Google Scholar - Scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources.
  • SciFinder - Comprehensive index to chemistry information and literature. Notes: login from library database page; see information about initial registration for first time users.
  • Web of Science - Indexes the world's leading peer reviewed, journal literature in the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities and provides searching of cited references from 1900 to the present.

Other Relevant Databases

For an overview of the Cycle of Scientific Communication click here: Scientific Communication.

For an outline of a Comprehensive Science Literature Review click here: Science Literature Review.

For tips on improving database search results click here: Improving Database Search Results.


Suggested databases:


Search specialized journals when looking for articles on your research topic. Some suggested browsing examples to look at are: Analytical Chemistry; Biochemistry; Chemical Reviews; Chemical Society Reviews; Chemistry Central; Inorganic Chemistry; Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry; Journal of Medicinal Chemistry; Journal of Natural Products; Nature Chemistry; Organometallics; Surface Science Reports.


To Browse Journal Titles click here: Mansfield Library Journals or here Citation Linker.

Browse or Search Ejournal Packages (NOTE: Some allow keyword searching of article fulltext):

For an explanation of Popular vs. Scholarly (magazines versus research journals) click here: Popular vs. Scholarly.

For an explanation of Peer Review click here: Peer Review in 5 Minutes.

For an overview of placing article alerts click here: Article Alerts.

To evaluate, compare, and rank journals using citation data click on: Journal Citation Reports and/or on Scimago.

To find full journal titles from abbreviations, especially older titles, use CAS Source Index.

Book Catalogs

Book catalog resources:

  • WorldCat - All time periods; Library Union Catalog; Books, Media, Government Documents, etc.
  • Google Book Search - Snippet and full-text views of books as they are scanned by the Google Book Project.
  • OneSearch - Mansfield Library collections.

Main Dewey Decimal call numbers for browsing Chemistry materials in the Mansfield Library book stacks:

540 Chemistry & allied sciences

  • 541 Physical & theoretical chemistry
  • 542 Techniques, equipment, materials
  • 543 Analytical chemistry
  • 544 Qualitative analysis
  • 545 Quantitative analysis
  • 546 Inorganic chemistry
  • 547 Organic chemistry
  • 548 Crystallography
  • 549 Mineralogy

For a more detailed view of Dewey Decimal call numbers click on: Dewey Decimal Classification Summaries

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

  • Cassell Dictionary of Chemistry (540.3 H3216c)
  • Comprehensive Chemometrics
  • Concise Encyclopedia Chemistry (540.3 A111)
  • Dictionary of Chemical Names and Synonyms (660.03 H851)
  • Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds (547.0503 D554)
  • Dictionary of Steroids (574.1924303 D554)
  • Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (660.3 E56)
  • Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry (542.85 E56)
  • Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry (546.03 E56)
  • Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology (503 E56)
  • Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis (547.2 E56)
  • Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry (543.0858 E5646)
  • Facts on File Dictionary of Chemistry (540.3 F1428)
  • German Dictionary of Chemistry, Langenscheidt Routledge (540.3 L275)
  • Glossary of Chemical Terms (540.3 H229)
  • Great Chemists (540 F219)
  • Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary (540.3 H396 1997)
  • IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology
  • Macmillan Encyclopedia of Chemistry (540.3 M167)
  • McGraw-HIll Dictionary of Chemistry
  • Treatise on Geochemistry
  • Wikipedia
  • Women in Chemistry and Physics (540 W872)

Handbooks, Tables, and Data

Web Sites - Search Engines

For hints on how to use search engines effectively, take a look at the following: Finding and Evaluating Web Sites.


Some suggested search engines are:

Citation Guides

Here are some resources to help you manage your bibliographies:

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