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Visual and Performing Arts Resources Research Guide

Guide to Mansfield Library resources in Art, Dance, Drama, Media Arts, and Music.

Quick Links to Vocal Music Text Resources

Vocal Texts By Language

Vocal Texts By Composer

J.S. Bach

Texts of the Complete Vocal Works with English Translation and Commentary / Z. Phillip Ambrose

The Bach Chorale Texts in English Translation with Annotations Showing the Use of the Melodies elsewhere by Bach in His Vocal and Organ Works. and a Musical Index to the Melodies/ Henry S. Drinker
ML49 B118b

Handbook to Bach's Scred Cantata Texts: an Interlinear Translation with Reference Guide to Biblical Quotations and Allusions/
Melvin P. Unger
782.24 B118 Zu


Handbook to the Vocal Works of Brahms/
Edwin Evans
784 B813 Ze


The Singer's Debussy/
Marie-Claire Rohinsky.
783.043 D289ab.Er


English Texts for the Songs of Modeste Moussorgsky/
Henry S. Drinker
784.8 M987e


Schubert: The Complete Song Texts. Texts of the Lieder and Italian songs With English Translations/
Richard Wigmore
782.42 S384s.Ew

The Schubert Song Companion/
John Reed
780.9436 S384Zre2

Texts of the Solo Songs of Franz Schubert in English Translation/
Henry S. Drinker
784.3 S384t c.2


The Singer's Schumann/
Thilo Reinhard.
783.043 S392ab.Er

Texts of the Vocal Works of Robert Schumann in English Translation/
Henry S. Drinker
782.00943 S392t


Texts of the Solo Songs of Hugo Wolf in English Translation
ML54.6 W853t.a