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Subject Guides - Tammy Ravas

Visual and Performing Arts

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Tammy Ravas
Contact Info:
Visual and Performing Arts Librarian and Media Coordinator
Associate Professor
MLIB 315
Mansfield Library
University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812-9936
Ph. 406-243-4402


by Tammy Ravas - Last Updated Sep 26, 2012
Resources for locating information in art
Tags: art, art criticism, art education, art history, artist, artists, image, images, ravas, tammy, tammy_ravas
Artemis to Apollo 17
by Julie Biando Edwards, Susanne Caro, Tammy Ravas, Sue Samson - Last Updated Oct 27, 2013
A celebration of the Moon’s influence on art, culture and science.
B-Movies at the Mansfield Library
by Tammy Ravas - Last Updated Jul 18, 2011
Looking for some monster films, horror films, vintage sci-fi flicks, or related films to get you through the summer? Check out the Mansfield Library's holdings here!
Tags: b film, b films, b movie, b movies, b-film, b-films, b-movie, b-movies, camp, godzilla, horror films, kitsch, mad scientists, monsters, ravas, science fiction, science-fiction, tammy, tammy ravas, tammy_ravas
Dance Resources
by Tammy Ravas - Last Updated Mar 17, 2014
Resources for dance
Tags: choreography, dance, dancer, dancers, ravas, tammy, tammy_ravas
Documentary Films at the Mansfield Library
by Tammy Ravas - Last Updated Jun 16, 2011
This guide was created to celebrate the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in February. Browse our numerous collections of documentary films from this page-- enjoy!
Tags: big sky documentary film festival, cinema, documentaries, documentary film, film, ravas, tammy, tammy ravas, tammy_ravas
Graphic Novels and Related Materials at the Mansfield Library
by Tammy Ravas - Last Updated May 29, 2012
Find graphic novels, films related to graphic novels along with selected online materials on this guide.
Tags: graphic_novels anime manga comics comic_books cartoons, ravas, tammy, tammy ravas, tammy_ravas
Media Arts
by Tammy Ravas - Last Updated Dec 18, 2013
Resources helpful for Media Arts classes
Tags: film, media_arts, ravas, screenwriting, tammy, tammy_ravas, television, tv
Media Resources
by Tammy Ravas - Last Updated Aug 25, 2010
Guide to using media resources at the Mansfield Library
Tags: copyright, media, ppr, public_performance_rights, ravas, tammy, tammy_ravas
Movies and TV Shows
by Tammy Ravas - Last Updated Jun 18, 2014
This guide shows you how to locate movies and tv shows in our collections.
Public Domain and Creative Commons: A Guide to Works You Can Use Freely
by Tammy Ravas - Last Updated Dec 2, 2014
Here is an in-depth guide to using public domain and Creative Commons materials for your theses, dissertations, publications, and other scholarly projects.
Tags: art, copyright, copyright_free, creative_commons, dissertation, drama, images, literature, maps, media, music, public_domain, ravas, research_paper, research_project, royalty_free, scores, sound_recordings, tammy, tammy_ravas, text, theses, thesis, video
by Tammy Ravas - Last Updated Oct 29, 2012
Resources helpful for locating information in drama or theatre
Tags: costuming, drama, monologues, plays, ravas, tammy, tammy_ravas, technical_theatre, theater, theatre
Visual and Performing Arts Resources
by Tammy Ravas - Last Updated Apr 22, 2015
Guide to Mansfield Library resources in Art, Dance, Drama, Media Arts, and Music.
Tags: art, arts, dance, drama, fine_arts, media_arts, music, performing, performing_arts, ravas, tammy, tammy_ravas, theater, theatre, visual, visual_arts
Vocal Pedagogy
by Tammy Ravas - Last Updated Mar 11, 2014
A research guide for classical, popular, and musical theatre voice pedagogy.
Tags: class voice, instruction, music, pedagogy, sing, singing, teach, vocal, vocal exercises, vocalise, voice, voice science, voice teacher