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2020 Public Domain Student Art and Film Festival

Please use this site to submit your work for the 2020 Public Domain Student Art and Film Festival.

Public Domain Student Art and Film Festival

On April 21st 2020 at 7:00 pm, the Mansfield Library will premier its first ever Public Domain Student Art and Film Festival via the Mansfield Library's YouTube Channel! 

This year's festival will feature a short film, Fear the Law, by Clint Connors, and a work of art, This is Why, by Salisha Oldbull.  Also, Arts and Media Librarian and Copyright Coordinator, Tammy Ravas, will interview Clint and Salisha about their respective artistic processes. 

As of January 1, 2020, works published prior to 1925 are in the public domain and are no longer protected by copyright law.  One of the important lessons that public domain works can teach us is that future creativity relies on past creativity.  The main goal of this year's festival is to educate UM students about the importance of the public domain through creative engagement with works published in 1924.  

This year's winners chose a title from a selected list of twelve books published in 1924 upon which to base their works. Fear the Law by Clint Connors is a film adaptation of the 1924 play, Moses: A Play, A Protest, and A Proposal written by Lawrence Langner.  This is Why by Salisha Oldbull is a work of art based on the book, Tales From Silver Lands written by Charles J. Finger with woodcut illustrations by Paul Honore.  

Please join us on the 21st at 7 pm on YouTube as the Mansfield Library celebrates the talents and efforts of your fellow students! 

Books to be adapted for the festival

Listed below are 12 novels, short story collections, and play scripts that were first published in 1924, and are physically located in the Mansfield Library.  These items entered the public domain on January 1st, 2020.