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Gaming in the Library

A list of games available in the library and other resources

Computer Games

 NASA Kids Club
Different space-related games for kids.

Humpback Whale Migration Game
"Humpback whales are found in the oceans worldwide. They hold the record for the longest migration among mammals. Play the Migration Game to find out more about humpback whales and how you can help protect them!"

Ocean Adventures Interactive Games
"Sharks are under seige! Help save sharks like the great white in "Predator Protector." Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Then join the TV film crew in "Whale Watcher" and videotape gray whales breaching. In "Kure Waste Chase," race to clean up the island in this fast-paced game."

Air Quality Index
Grades: 3-6
What should you do when the Air Quality Index is orange? Let the chameleons K.C., Koko, and Kool, show you how EPA measures pollution in the air.

Beach Kids Games
Grades: 2-4
Visit this site any time of year to play games about beaches.

cartoon detectiveDetective Training Activities
Grades: 3-5
We need your detective skills to help us protect the earth! Solve these mysteries and you'll learn how you can take care of the environment too!

EEK! Environmental Education for Kids
Grades: 2-7
Learn about animals, the earth, and people who work in environmental jobs with this online magazine from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Energy Information for Kids
Grades: 3-8
This site has games, riddles, word find/crossword puzzles, and science fair experiments on energy.

Energy Quest
Grades: 3-6
Learn more about energy and avoid being an energy vampire!

The Environauts Mission to Earthcartoon spaceship
Grades: 2-5
Help! The planet Ergon is filling up with trash and they need some! Can you teach the people of Ergon to protect their environment? I bet you can!

Go with the Flow
Grades: 6-9
Let NASA teach you all about the flow of water.

Lose your Excuse
Grades: 3-7
Fun games and activities that teach about energy conservation.

NASA's new Climate Kids website
Grades: 3-7
Geared toward students, the multimedia-rich Climate Kids site uses games, humorous illustrations and animations to help break down the important issue of climate change.

National Institute of Environmental Health Science
Grades: 1-4
Games, puzzles, art, and more -- all about science, the environment, and environmental careers.

Nonpoint Source Pollution Awareness Word Search Puzzle
Grades: 6-9
Can You Find The Words?

Recycle City""
Grades: 2-6
Explore Recycle City to see how the people of the town reduce waste, use less energy, and even save money by doing simple things at home, at work, and in their neighborhoods.

Roofus's Solar and Energy Efficient Home
Grades: 3-6
Learn how to be energy efficient at home.

Sewage in Your Face ""
Grades: 2-6
Get to the bottom of sewage in an interactive and fun way.

Sort Mania
Grades: 2-6
This interactive game teaches you how to recycle.

Thirstin's Word Scramble Game
Grades: 2-4
In this animated game, you'll unscramble words to show how much you know about water.

UV Radiation Crossword Puzzle
Grades: 4-7
If you're good with words, and think you know all about ultraviolet radiation (or want to learn), then you're sure to enjoy this crossword puzzle.

Waste no Words
Grades: 4-7
How much do you know about garbage and recycling? Find out in this totally awesome crossword puzzle!

Water Stewardship
Grades: 3-7
Check out some of these games, virtual models and fun water activities made just for YOU!

What's Wrong with this Picture?
Grades: 5-8
Can you find all the ways that we pollute the water around us? Click on the picture to learn about some of the most common things to avoid.


Games for Kids

Environmental rummy Call number: GM 004
A classification card game which provides practice in forming groups or categories. Examines and identifies a wide variety of things in one's environment.
A Biological Sciences Curriculum Study game presentation.

Food Chain Game Call number: GM 006
A card game which provides practice in forming food chains. Emphasizes the interdependency of plant life and animal life.
Library bingo [game] : library skills game  Call number: GM 007
Introduces, reviews, and reinforces the general and specific terms and concepts contained in the library curriculum.

 Extinction, the game of ecology  Call number: GM 009
Deals with key processes by which species survive and evolve, or become extinct: reproduction, migration, mortality, competition, predation and genetic change. For two to four players.

 Evolution-- a geological time chart game Call number: 010
Visual interpretation of the development of life from the simplist algae to modern man. Players learn eras and periods of geologic time and how populations survive or disappear.

 Wff'n proof: the game of modern logic Call number: GM 011
An autotelic activity designed to provide practice in abstract thinking and mathematical logic. Encourages a favorable attitude towards symbol-handling activities in general.

Good heavens!: comets, meteors and other neat sky stuff : a game of astronomical fun and trivia.   Call number: GM 012
A card game that introduces trivia, science and history about the minor members of our solar system.

Predator: the food chain game.  Call number: GM 013
Card game based upon the natural food relationships in a temperate zone forest.

Music styles bingo [game] : whole-group games and activities for the music classroom Call number: GM 019
While having fun playing the game, students will collaborate to learn the origins of music styles, investigate cultural and historical influences, discover how music styles evolve, and make meaningful connections among different styles of music. In addition to the traditional Bingo game, Music Styles Bingo includes a variety of alternate activities: Music Styles Map, Music Styles Recall, and Music Styles Assessment.

 World instrument bingo! [sound recording] : five great games in one! Call number: GM 020. 
A bingo-type game which includes 5 collaborative learning games that explore and identify the sounds of folk musical instruments from around the world. Includes a compact disc contains 6 sound sequences of 24 world instruments. Each sound sequence is approximately 10 minutes long.


Native History and Languages -Card Games

Tribes of the Olympic Peninsula. 
GM 076

Tribes of the Arctic. 
GM 077

Tribes of the Subarctic. 
GM 078

Tribes of the Great Basin.
GM 079

Tribes of the Great Plains.
GM 080

Tribes of California. 
GM 081

Tribes of the Plateau. 
GM 082

Tribes of the Pacific Northwest. 
GM 083

Tribes of the Southeast. 
GM 084

Tribes of the Southwest. 
GM 085

Montana native history.
GM 086

Tribes of the northeastern woodlands. 
GM 087

Tribes of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. 
GM 088

Indigenous rights. 
GM 089

Laws and treaties edition. 
GM 090

Blackfeet Nation.
GM 091

Little Shell. 
GM 092

Sqelixʷ-Seliš u Qĺispé = The Salish and Pend d'Oreille People. 
GM 093

Salish language : flashcards.
GM 094

Kʷul = Make. 
GM 095

A'pístíotakí = Make. 
GM 096

Blackfeet language : flashcards.
GM 097

Ponoka Ipsstao'kíwa = Elk has moved in! 
GM 098

Blackfeet language matching game. 
GM 099

Áípapomm = Lightning. 
GM 100

Iínííwaahkaat = Picking berries. 
GM 101