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Geosciences Research Guide: Home

Information resources for Geoscience research and study.

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Other Relevant Databases

For an outline of a comprehensive science literature review, click here: Science Literature Review.

For tips on improving database search results, click here: Improving Database Search Results.

Suggested databases:


Search specialized journals when looking for articles on your research topic. Some suggested browsing examples are: Advances in Water Resources; Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences; Earth Science Reviews; Geology; Geomorphology; Global Biogeochemical Cycles; Journal of Geology; Journal of Glaciology; Journal of Metamorphic Geology; Journal of Sedimentary Research; Palaios; Quaternary Science Reviews; Sedimentology.

To browse journal titles, click here: Mansfield Library Journals.

Browse or search ejournal packages (NOTE: Some allow keyword searching of article full text):

For an explanation of popular vs. scholarly (magazines versus research journals), click here: Popular vs. Scholarly.

For an explanation of peer review, click here: Peer Review in 5 Minutesp

To evaluate, compare, and rank journals using citation data, click on Journal Citation Reports or Scimago.

Book Catalogs

Main Dewey Decimal call numbers for browsing geoscience materials in the Mansfield Library book stacks:

  • 549 Mineralogy
  • 550 Earth sciences
  • 551 Geology, hydrology & meteorology
  • 552 Petrology
  • 553 Economic geology
  • 554 Earth sciences of Europe
  • 555 Earth sciences of Asia
  • 556 Earth sciences of Africa
  • 557 Earth sciences of North America
  • 558 Earth sciences of South America
  • 559 Earth sciences of other areas
  • 560 Paleontology; paleozoology
  • 561 Paleobotany; fossil microorganisms
  • 562 Fossil invertebrates
  • 563 Fossil marine & seashore invertebrates
  • 564 Fossil mollusks & molluscoids
  • 565 Fossil anthropods
  • 566 Fossil chordates
  • 567 Fossil cold-blooded vertebrates; fossil fishes
  • 568 Fossil birds
  • 569 Fossil mammals

For a detailed view of Dewey Decimal call numbers, click on: Dewey Decimal Classification Summaries.

Geological Society of America - Publication Series

  • Abstracts (550.6 G345a - Lv.5)
  • Bulletin (550.6 G345b - Lv.5)
  • Memoir (550.6 G345mo - Lv.5)
  • Special Papers (550.6 G345s - Lv.5)

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology - Publication Series

  • Annual Report (557.86 M8r - Lv.4- MT Collection)
  • Bulletin (557.86 M8b - Lv.4- MT Collection)
  • Publication Catalog (557.86 X M8p - Lv.4- MT Collection)
  • Special Puclication (557.86 M8s - Lv.4- MT Collection)

U.S. Government Documents

  • GPO Monthly Catalog - Government Documents, 1976-present
  • Cumulative Subject Index to the Monthly Catalog (015.73 X C9711, 1900-1971)
  • Cumulative Title Index to U.S. Public Documents (015.73 X L642c, 1789-1976)

U.S. Geological Survey - Publication Series

(NOTE: Check OneSearch for electronic, paper, and microfiche copies; also see USGS Publications Warehouse (1880-present).

  • Bulletin (I 19.3: plus the Report Number - Lv.1 Gov Docs)
  • Circular (I 19.4/2: plus the Report Number - Lv.1 Gov Docs)
  • Open-File Reports (I 19.76: plus the Report Number - Lv.1 Gov Docs)
  • Professional Papers (I 19.16: plus the Report Number - Lv.1 Gov Docs)
  • Water-Resources Investigative Reports (I 19.42/4: plus the Report Number - Lv.1 Gov Docs)
  • Water-Supply Papers (I 19.13: plus the Report number - Lv.1 Gov Docs)

Dictionaries, Directories, Encyclopedias & Handbooks


(NOTE: check library catalog for electronic, paper, and microfiche copies; also see USGS Publications Warehouse (1880-present).


Climatic Data for the World C 55.211 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)

Climatological Data. Montana Section.

  • A 29.29/22:, 1902-1938 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)
  • C 30.18/22:, 1939-1968 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)
  • C 55.214/23:, 1969-1999 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)

Climatological Data. Missoula, Montana.

  • C 30.56/22x:, 1942-1970 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)
  • C 55.217:, 1971-1978 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)
  • C 55.287/28-8:, 1979-1983 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)
  • C 55.286/6-27:, 1984-1998 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)

Precipitation Data. Montana.

  • C 30.59/211:, 1951-1966 (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)
  • C 55.216/21:, 1967-present (Lv.1- Gov.Docs.)

Grants and Funding Sources

Web Sites - Search Engines

Some suggested search engines are:

Citation Guides

Here are some resources to help you manage your bibliographies:

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