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Business Research Guide

A guide to Accounting, Management, and Marketing

Intro to Business Research at Mansfield Library

NOTE: In this tutorial, former librarian Jaci Wilkinson refers to LexisNexis. Since filming, LexisNexis's name has been changed to Nexis Uni and it has a new interface. This video has not yet been re-filmed using the new Nexis Uni interface BUT fortunately it is much more intuitive than LexisNexis.

Introductory Tutorials

Introduction to Business Insights: Essentials 

How to Use Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage 

Introduction to Mergent Online

Company Research Tutorials

Performing a Company Search using Business Insights: Essentials 

How to Find Company Information in Business Source Complete 

Factiva How to find company information in the Factiva database.

Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis) Tutorials

Nexis Uni went live in late summer 2017. They've compiled a channel of tutorials on YouTube that you might consider watching especially if you want to use advanced features or search case law. This is a good one to get you started:

Industry Research Tutorials

Create a Comparison Report using Business Insights: Essentials 

Performing an Industry Search using Business Insights: Essentials

How to Find Industry Information in Business Source Complete  | Industry Information (pdf) | This is a short tutorial on how to find company information in the Business Source Complete database.

Using These Tutorials and Videos

These are videos from other academic libraries who also have subscriptions to these databases. There might be differences in your experience because you are accessing these resources from a different institution. Transcripts for YouTube videos are available from the More link under the video player on YouTube when closed captioning is not available.