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Business Research Guide

A guide to Accounting, Management, and Marketing

What is Banking?

The industry comprised of commercial banks, savings & loans, credit unions, and Federal Reserve banks. Research in this area involves identifying and assessing financial institutions.

The career guide for Banking from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Image courtesy of Thomas H. Caldwell

Find a Bank

FDIC Institutions Directory provides financial and demographic data

Mergent Online provides descriptive,  historical and financial data provides a report on US Banks on the Internet

Find a Credit Union through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)

Banking Industry Statistics and Overviews

Who Regulates Banks?

What Laws Regulate Banks?

Overview of Banking law from the Legal Information Institute

Title 12. Banks and Banking from the Code of Federal Regulations

Full text of more than 40 Federal laws pertaining to banking, 1886 to Present [PDF]

Databases for Banking Research