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Missoula Community Resources: Childcare

Need help with non-school related issues? This guide can help you find resources for childcare, food assistance, housing, and more.

Missoula Boys and Girls Club

The Missoula Boys and Girls Club is currently providing Emergency Childcare for families that work in critical occupation areas and Essential Business and Operations sectors.

Register online at:

Register for a non-emergency After School Club:

To register for non-Emergency Childcare, go to:

If you have any additional questions about this service, please call 406-214-0140 or email

Best Beginnings Scholarship

Best Beginnings Scholarships

The Early Childhood Services Bureau offers Best Beginnings child care scholarships to qualified low-income families whose child receives care from a licensed child care center, licensed group or family child care home, or Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) child care provider. Each family participates in the cost of that care by making a copayment based on a sliding fee scale.


Family income is evaluated for eligibility and a co-payment is determined based on the Child Care Sliding Fee Scale. Co-payments begin at ten dollars ($10), and increase depending on family size and income. Income eligibility is determined by adding all income sources together.

Parents must be participating in eligible activities:

  • Two-parent families shall work at least 120 hours per month.
  • Single-parent families shall work at least 60 hours per month.
  • Single parent or two-parent families in which all of the parents attend school/training full time, do not have to meet a work requirement.
  • Single parent or two-parent families in which one or more of the parents attend school/training part time shall meet a work requirement that takes into account the education/training.
  • Teen parents must be attending high school or a high school equivalency program.
Co-payments & Sliding Fee Scale:

The sliding fee scale has been updated effective 11/1/2020. This change has been implemented and the copay for some families was adjusted starting 11/1 going forward. Not all families were eligible. Here is a state flyer outlining this change and the new income limits can be found here.

How to Apply:

More information can be found at this website.