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Missoula Community Resources

Need help with non-school related issues? This guide can help you find resources for childcare, food assistance, housing, and more.

Who is this guide for?

This guide was created for students who may be struggling with issues outside of school and are wondering where they should go for help or what they should do. This guide will be continuously updated and is meant to be shared with anyone you think it might be of use to. 

Click through the tabs at the top of the guide to see different lists of helpful resources and services in our area!

If any information on this guide is incorrect and needs to be modified or if you would like to make suggestions for this guide, please send an email to

ASUM Bear Necessities

A Basic Needs Agency at UM

The ASUM Bear Necessities agency supports students experiencing basic needs insecurity, closes gaps in resources for students, and advocates for change to prevent future needs.




Call: (406) 243-2017