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Economics Research Guide: ECNS 217

Resources for members of the Economics Department and individuals researching in economics.

Country Background

  • Consult the websites of individual countries, too.

Development Issues

  • Consult the websites of individual countries, too.

Keyword & Subject Searching

  • Searching using keywords searches the words in the title of an article/report/journal/etc.; in the text of the abstract; in the subject terms; and in some cases in the full-text of a source.
  • Subject Headings/Terms (also known as descriptors, controlled vocabulary, or classification terms) are assigned to each item (i.e., article) in most databases; the words are systematically used by librarians to organize/index items within a database. Searching using subject headings searches these assigned terms (that are not necessarily words in the article title or abstract).
  • Research often involves using both keywords and subject terms in a search.

Citing Your Sources