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Economics Research Guide

Resources for members of the Economics Department and individuals researching in economics.

Scholarly Communication in Economics

Economists rely on three major sources of information:

1.  Journal articles. Journal articles serve as a record of information that has already been communicated. They are peer-reviewed and of high quality compared to working papers. Journal articles are used to assess scholarly achievement.

2.  Working papers. Working papers communicate the most recent scholarship. They are important because significant time elapses between manuscript submission and publication in the field. Working papers are not peer-reviewed and are used to gather comments and feedback on work in progress.

3.  Datasets. Economists use datasets to replicate or challenge the conclusions of others in the field and as a teaching tool. Some journals, such as the American Economic Review, now make datasets available with each article.

Journal Articles (and More)

Working Papers

U.S. Data

Social Science Datasets

International Data