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Cosplay resources at the Mansfield Library: Western Influences and Cosplay

Locate resources on cosplay at the Mansfield Library

Marvel, Star Wars, D.C., Society for Creative Anachronism, Blizzard

Cosplayers use sources other than Japanese anime and manga for their character choices.  At conventions you are likely to see Sailor Moon, Batman, Cloud, Luke Skywalker, and Thor attending the same panel discussion.  Cosplay displays a wide diversity of character sources, many representing American comic books, movie and videogame characters.  Popular sources include Disney, Marvel and D.C. comics, Lucas Films spin-off books and comics, Blizzard Games and Bethesda Games.

The books listed below are samples of comic books, graphic novels and comic collections that can be used to research cosplay.  There are thousands of similar sources that you can use to create your new character.