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Cosplay resources at the Mansfield Library: Make it Sew

Locate resources on cosplay at the Mansfield Library

Character Research Sources

Where to Start: Choosing a Cosplay Character

Ideas for Creating Cosplay Costumes

Background Information on Historical Japanese Clothing

Many cosplay costumes reflect the design and style of Japanese clothing.  These texts are suggested references if you are interested in the history and development of garments in Japan.

Costume History and Pattern Research

There are numerous books and web-sites related to costume creation, pattern making and sewing.  Several classic patterning and costume history books are listed.  Internet searches using key words like basic sewing, how to make costume patterns, theatrical costuming, and costume history will provide additional avenues for research.  Additionally, many commercial sewing patterns can be found for both cosplay and costumes at local fabric stores or on-line.