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Veterans Resources Guide: Education

Resources about and for veterans.

Military Education Benefits

Post 9/11 VA education and other benefits

Military educational benefits such as the Post 9/11 VA education benefits are earned through military service. If a Veteran meets the criteria, they are eligible for those benefits.


Made available through the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department, eBenefits is a portal that allows Veterans to track the payment history of their education benefits along with any other VA claims for which they are eligible.

View benefits by chapter on the University of Montana VETS Office website

Scholarships and Fellowships

For more scholarship information, visit the University of Montana VETS Office website.

American Veterans (AMVETS)

AMVETS annually offers scholarships to Veterans/Active service personnel, their children and grandchildren. The scholarships are based on academic excellence and financial need.

Montana Honorably Discharged Veteran Tuition Waiver

The Montana Honorably Discharged Veteran Tuition Waiver eliminates tuition costs charged to a qualifying student. It does not, however, waive any other charges. Honorable Discharge Waiver Application form

Montana State Approving Agency (SAA) Veterans Education - Montana Office of Public Instruction

The State Approving Agency (SAA) was established to ensure that Veterans or eligible dependents can use the VA education benefits in an approved educational program. The primary function of the Montana SAA is to review, evaluate, and approve quality educational and training programs for Veterans' benefits.

The Pat Tillman Military Scholar Fellowship

Founded in 2008, this program supports active-duty service members, veterans and military spouses by investing in their higher education.The scholarship covers educational expenses, including tuition and fees, books and living stipend.