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Open Access: Open Education

This guide celebrates Open Access Week and related concepts: Open Access, Open Science and Open Data, and Open Education.

What is Open Education?

"Open education is an attitude, a practice, and a method of teaching that inspires inquiry, equal access to course materials, and sharing lessons and materials with the wider community. At the center of open education is the belief that education is strengthened when shared openly. Open education relies on open educational resources (OER) and open licensing." (CCCOER, What is Open Education, retrieved October 2021)

OER save students money; ensure equitable, day-one access to course materials for every student; positively impact student success and retention; are easily integrated into Moodle; and support open and engaging teaching practices.

Video: What is Open Education?

Robin DeRosa from Plymouth State University gives a short introduction to OER, Open Access, and Open Pedagogy.

Steps You Can Take

OER Guide and Benefits

Quick Guide to OER