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Library Guide to Finding Articles

Finding an article in OneSearch

Full text

OneSearch is a large source of full text articles and can be a great resource whether you are newly researching a topic or have a specific citation. The system ingests records from the library's licensed commercial databases and e-journals, publisher websites, and open access repositories. Users can find citations and full text for millions of articles, as well as book chapters and reference entries.

By default, OneSearch displays results for content that users can get as full text from the library. Log in with your library account when prompted to maximize search results and to access account features. 

OneSearch records display two types of full text availability:

Online Availability

Full text access from one of the library's licensed sources, including publisher sites and aggregator databases.

See the Troubleshooting full text access section for tips about finding full text when you experience a problem connecting to a resource.

Physical Availability

This feature can indicate if the library owns the print version of the journal in which the article was published. However, it cannot automatically check whether the library owns the specific issue with the article. If you would like a print version, check the Library Owns description in the record, browse the available items through the Description drop-down, or use the navigation links to scroll through item records. 

Example of print journal record in OneSearch

Note: Due to the way items are inventoried in our system and the descriptive fields populated, Year and Volume drop-downs are generally not as effective as Description for filtering results.

Users are welcome to submit an interlibrary loan request to receive an email with a scanned copy of an article from the library's physical collections if visiting the library is not convenient.

No full text

One useful search tactic is to expand your results to include those without full text. This will give you a larger results set to analyze for relevant articles. In OneSearch, check the first box under Refine Results labeled: Include OneSearch Results without Full Text.

Check box to Include OneSearch Results without Full Text

The “No full text” indicator on a record means no online access is readily available. However, click on the record to see if there are other avenues to obtain full text.

No full text indicator on an article record in OneSearch

The record may point you to check for a physical copy at the library -OR-

Place an interlibrary loan request to receive an electronic copy of the article. For your convenience, an interlibrary loan form link displays and prepopulates with details from the record you are coming from.   

Request from another library interlibrary loan link

Should the interlibrary loan form fail to display, access the form here and fill it out manually. See Get the item through Interlibrary loan for details about services and timelines.

From a Citation

If you are looking for the full text of a specific article you have the citation for, enter the citation into the search field in OneSearch.

OneSearch is not a 100% complete index of scholarly output, so you may not find a record for the article you are looking for. Do look up the journal record to determine if we have the issue in which the article appeared. Journal records may be found in OneSearch or through the Journals A-Z, a searchable list of journals the library offers electronically and in print. The section Full text linking problems in OneSearch shows how to drill down to articles from a journal record.