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GLI Capstone

Welcome! This guide aims to help GLI students be successful in developing their capstone group proposals and projects.

Where Good Ideas Come From

Franke GLI Capstone Project Funding

The Franke GLI has a small budget to support expenses related to capstone projects. Teams must submit this form by December 9 to inform GLI that they do not need funding for the project or to submit a proposal with a justification and line-item budget.

GLI Capstone and DHC Honors Projects

Students in both the Franke GLI and DHC can use their GLI Capstone project to fulfill their DHC Capstone requirement. The DHC website provides guidance on their proposal and reflection requirements and you can contact them with questions. 


GLI Capstone Syllabi Templates

These template syllabi are given to all GLI capstone mentors, who will customize it by including additional resources, tasks, policies, and a schedule specific to their team.

For More Information

Check out the GLI website or contact Gillian Glaes, Director, Franke Global Leadership Initiative, for more information.

The Literature Review Process

Library Databases

Depending on your topic, different library resources will be useful. A list of some library databases related to previous GLI capstone projects is below; email Megan Stark for subject-specific recommendations or consult the Research Guides for guidance.

Important Campus Resources



Annotated Bibliography

Tools for Effective Collaboration

Managing Your Research

Writing and Sharing Documents

Project Management


Team Contracts

Team contracts can help your capstone group set common expectations and ground rules for your project work. Some examples are included below.