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Digital Initiatives and ScholarWorks

Learn about Digital Initiatives at the Mansfield Library, including ScholarWorks, scholarly communication services, and digital collections.


ScholarWorks, UM's institutional repository. ScholarWorks centralizes, preserves, and provides free, online access to the valuable research, creative scholarship, and unique resources produced and curated by UM faculty, students, and staff. ScholarWorks makes these resources easier to find, share, and use, both expanding the reach and increasing the impact of UM scholarship around the world. Descriptions of categories of content in ScholarWorks are included below.

Faculty Scholarship

Individual Faculty

If you are a University of Montana-affiliated faculty member, we will upload your scholarship to ScholarWorks for you. Simply send us a recent CV or list of publications. We will check each publication for copyright and upload eligible publications to ScholarWorks for you. If you have unpublished scholarly work and/or items such as conference presentations, posters, or papers that you would like to make available via ScholarWorks, let us know.

Note: Many journals and publishers only permit the dissemination of postprint versions of your work in institutional repositories such as ScholarWorks. The postprint version is the final, peer-reviewed, accepted version of your article. It does not include the publisher's formatting and should NOT look like the published version. It is usually a Word document. It is often referred to as the Accepted Manuscript. If you want future publications to be included in ScholarWorks, retain the postprint version of your articles for us. 


Institutes, Centers, Labs

We also accept research and creative scholarship from UM-affiliated institutes, centers, and labs. Here are a few examples:

Theses, Dissertations, and Professional Papers

Theses, Dissertations and Professional Papers: Through the Mansfield Library's partnerships with the Graduate School and the Davidson Honors College, graduate and undergraduate students can make their theses, dissertations, professional papers, and capstone projects and portfolios available via ScholarWorks.

ScholarWorks current hosts over 12,000 graduate student theses, dissertations, and professional papers from 1899 to the present as well as over 450 undergraduate theses and professional papers from 2010 to the present.

Thesis, Dissertation, and Capstone Examples:

Journal Publishing

Journal Publishing: ScholarWorks includes a full suite of journal publishing tools that allow you to manage a scholarly, open access, peer-reviewed journal from submission to publication. Journals can be customized in several different ways, from the design of the journal homepage in the repository to the review and publication process.

Whether you're starting a new journal or moving or archiving an existing journal, ScholarWorks will optimize the discoverability of your journal content and help provide long-term preservation of and access to it.

Journal Examples:

Conferences and Events

Conferences and Events: ScholarWorks provides a suite of conference management tools that allow you to manage your conference logistics and publish the proceedings. Conference pages within the repository can also be customized to reflect the unique "look and feel" of your conference.

If you already manage your conference logistics with different software, you can still publish presentations from your conference in ScholarWorks. Doing so provides exposure for your conference, allows presenters to share their work with a wide audience, and helps archive the conference content.

Conference and Event Examples:

Research Data

Research Data: As an open access repository, ScholarWorks may be an ideal online location for your research data. Contact us if you have questions about making your research data available in ScholarWorks or if you have general questions about research data management or data management plans. Our Data Management Research Guide also provides basic information about research data management.

Research Data Examples:

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources: ScholarWorks provides several options for making available all types of open educational resources (OERs). Contact Wendy Walker for more information about hosting OERs in ScholarWorks. Learn more about OERs in our OER Library Guide.

OER Examples: