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Digital Initiatives and ScholarWorks

Learn about Digital Initiatives at the Mansfield Library, including ScholarWorks, scholarly communication services, and digital collections.


Increased Impact

ScholarWorks is optimized for search engines, which means that all of the content in ScholarWorks is highly discoverable on the Web. As such, ScholarWorks helps more researchers find your work and increases the likelihood that it will be cited and used.

Furthermore, most of the scholarly work in ScholarWorks is Open Access, which means that anyone in the world with an Internet connection can download it for free. (Contact Wendy Walker for information about access restriction options in ScholarWorks.)

Readership Statistics

ScholarWorks provides authors with access to an Author Dashboard that includes a readership map, global download statistics, and information about the sources of readership. This personalized reporting tool helps you see where your work is making an impact and is easily shareable.

Readership Map


Collection pages in ScholarWorks can be customized with introductory text, images, and links. Journal and conference pages can be completely customized with unique site designs. The scholarly journal Education's Histories is a good example of a custom design in ScholarWorks.


The Mansfield Library provides several levels of support. From long-term preservation of ScholarWorks content to assistance with questions about copyright, authors' rights, Open Access, and digital publishing, Mansfield Library faculty and staff are here to support you in your scholarly endeavors.

Additional Benefits

  • Ensure long-term access to and preservation of your scholarship
  • Fulfill federal mandates to make research results funded by specific federal agencies freely available
  • Manage your research, including underlying research data
  • Share items that don’t fit traditional publishing models
  • Give new life to old scholarship
  • Provide students with access to the latest research at UM
  • Showcase exceptional student scholarship
  • Use built-in publishing tools to manage and publish open access journals and monographs
  • Use built-in conference management tools to organize and publish UM conference proceedings
  • Preserve and showcase UM’s research and creative scholarship in one central location