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Visual and Quantitative Literacy


These two sets of tutorials address visual literacy as well as quantitative literacy. 

Regardless of your discipline, visual literacy is an important set of skills to have in our image-saturated world.  For instance, you likely encounter photos through social media sites and apps; some of which may be attached to news stories.  Being able to interpret and evaluate such images can help you sort legitimate news items from misinformation.  In another example, the ability to locate, create, and utilize quality images can make an academic paper or presentation much more effective (ACRL, 2011).

Quantitative literacy is another interdisciplinary skill set that will help you with your research needs.  Michigan State University librarian, Scout Calvert, gives a succinct and helpful definition: "There is no standard dictionary definition to quote, but put simply, quantitative literacy is the ability to understand and interpret numerical information." (n.d.)

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