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Accessibility in the Library

Library support for persons with disabilities

Accessible Technology Room

Mansfield Library

student using Dragon Naturally Speaking in the Accessible Technology Roomstudent reading

Room 209 on level 2 of the library provides a quiet area for students, faculty and staff to use, individually or in small groups for research and study. A variety of specialized accessibility hardware and software is available for use any time the library is open. You can reserve this space up to two weeks in advance then pick up the key card from the Information Center Check Out Desk.

Specialized equipment includes:

  • Height adjustable tables
  • Desktop Video Magnifier
  • ​Computer workstation with scanner and large print keyboard
  • Variety of software, including Read&Write Gold, Jaws, Dragon Naturally Speaking, MAGic, etc.
  • White noise machine, headset with noise canceling microphone, whiteboard, comfortable lounge chair, etc.

To arrange for training in the use of specialized equipment or software contact IT Accessible Technology Services/ (406) 243-4357 (Voice),  Email

Computers & Software

Wheelchair accessible - computer on height-adjustable table is available on level 3.  This computer includes an easy to read large print keyboard (standard keyboard available at the information center), a flatbed scanner and reading and speech recognition software in addition to the standard software available on all public computers in the library.  Priority is given to students, faculty and staff who wish to use the assistive technology software or who require an adjustable height table. 

Accessible computer workstation

All public computers include:

  • Windows Ease of Access Center
  • JAWS
  • NVDA
  • Read&Write Gold

public computers

Accessibility Tools for Windows

Windows Accessibility provides convenient, centralized place to locate accessibility settings and programs to make your computer easier to use. For Windows version  7 The Ease of Access Center can be found in the Control Panel by selecting Windows logo key+U and also when logging into Windows. For an overview of Windows 7 accessibility features see the Windows 7 accessibility help page.

Sign Language Relay Service

Videophone access for the deaf and hard of hearing is available on level 3 near the computer lab.   The equipment is available for public use. 

  • 406-203-0517
  • 866-242-4690

Videophone sign language relay station available on level 3

Accessibility @ Missoula College

Payne Family Library

The area next to the study rooms, near the emergency exit at the library provides equipment focused on accessibility and student needs.  Assistance is available at the library’s main desk.

Specialized equipment includes:

  • Videophone for Sign Language Relay (406-203-0551)
  • Projection Magnifier
  • Large scanner that creates OCR pdfs or audio files from documents/books
  • 1 computer workstation
  • Software:
    • Read&Write Gold
    • Jaws
    • Dragon
    • Wynn
    • Open Book
    • MAGic

To arrange for training in the use of this equipment IT Accessible Technology Services/ (406) 243-4357 (Voice),  Email

more information

 For basic questions about assistive technology and software available at the library, ask for assistance from the tech support staff at the Information Center on level 3 or visit our technology support page online.  For a list of equipment and software that you can use at the library see our equipment checkout list.

For training on specialized equipment or assistive technologies contact: IT Accessible Technology Services,  Social Sciences 120,  The University of Montana, Missoula, MT 59812, Phone: (406) 243-4357 (Voice),  Email

Need additional technologies, study space options, or prefer different software? Please contact Teressa Keenan to suggest how we can improve our services.