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Guide to using media resources at the Mansfield Library

Media Copyright

What should I know about Media Copyrights?

Media copyright can be especially complex. A single work may simultaneously exist in multiple formats (e.g. analog, digital, web-based) and may have multiple creators: the composer or writer, the performance director, and the performer, for example. Media (or in fact any work) need not have a copyright symbol in order to be protected by copyright, and therefore it is essential to seek the proper exemptions or permissions to use the material. See the Mansfield Library’s Copyright Issues and Resources guide for more information about Fair Use and TEACH Act exemptions.

If your intended use of media does not fall within the provisions of Fair Use or the TEACH Act, it is essential that you seek permission from the copyright holder(s). For example, anyone wishing to show a film or video in a public venue needs a public performance rights license (PPR) from the copyright holder(s).

Specific copyright questions should be addressed to Tammy Ravas, (406) 243-4402.