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Guide to Mansfield Library resources in Art, Dance, Drama, Media Arts, and Music.

World Music Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

World Music Internet Sources

World Music Print Resources

Balinese Music / Michael Tenzer. 1991.
780.95986 T313b

Blackfoot Musical Thought: Comparative Perspectives/ B. Nettl.
970.6781 S579n

Ethnomusicology of the Flathead Indians / Alan P. Merriam. 1967.
970.678 M568e & 572.06 V694 no. 44

Ethnomusicology Research: a Select Annotated Bibliography / Anne Schuursma. 1991.
780.89 X S396e

Folk and Traditional Music of the Western Continents / B. Nettl.
781.62 N475f 1990

Folk music in America: a Reference Guide / Terry E. Miller. 1986.
(Note: Chapter IX - Musics of Various Ethnic Traditions)
781.6213 X M651f

Gamelan: Cultural Interaction and Musical Development in Central Java / Sumarsam. 1995.
784.19598 S955g

Garland Handbook of African Music.
780.96 G2332

Garland Library of Readings in Ethnomusicology.
v.1-History, Definition, and Scope of Ethnomusicology.
780.89 H673
v. 3 - Music as Culture.    
780.89 M9872
v. 4 - Musical Transcription.    
780.89 M9874
v. 5 - Cross-cultural Musical Analysis.    
780.89 C951
v. 6 - Musical Processes, Resources, and Technologies.    
780.89 M9873
v. 7 - Century of Ethnomusicological Thought.    
780.89 C397

Guide to Native American Music Recordings / Greg Gombert. 1994.
970.678 X G946

Music and Dance of the World's Religions: a Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography of Materials in the English Language / E. Gardner Rust. 1996.
781.7 X R971m

Music of Many Cultures: an Introduction / Elizabeth May, ed., 1980.
780.89 M987

Musics of Vietnam
/ Pham Duy. 1975.
781.7597 P534m

Native North American Music and Oral Data: a Catalogue of Sound Recordings, 1893-1976 / Dorothy Lee. 1979.
970.6789912 X L477n

Non-western Music and the Western Listener / J. P. O'Brien. 1977.
781.69 O13n

North American Indian Music: a Guide to Published Sources and Selected Recordings / Richard Keeling. 1997.
970.678 X K26n

World Music: the Rough Guide. 1994.
781.62 W927

Worlds of Music: an Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples / Jeff Titon, et. al. 1984.
780.89 W927

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