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BMGT 444: Leading Teams & Conflict Management


Evaluating sources for is an important skill to have, both in your professional and everyday life. This guide will accompany our class today so we can get some hands-on practice!

Let's Evaluate Some Sources

Infographic demonstrating the SIFT method: Stop, Investigate the source, Find better coverage, and Track claims, quotes, and media to the original contentSIFT graphic adapted from “SIFT (The Four Moves)” by Mike Caulfield, licensed under CC BY 4.0

Slideshow Example

Group Activity

Below are the websites for two self-identified think tanks that conduct research focused on the minimum wage in the United States.

First, split into pairs.

  1. (5 min) Explore these sources on your own to get your bearings. Use what you've learned about lateral reading to answer the question: What are these sources?
  2. (2 min) Discuss your conclusions or thought with your partner. Did you draw the same conclusions? Did you disagree about anything?
  3. The class will be split into 4 groups. Continue working in pairs, but each group is assigned a different facet of source evaluation:
    • Bias
    • Authority
    • Credibility
    • Purpose
    • Reliability
  4. Focus on the questions for your group on the handout as you investigate the sources and their information.