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Accessibility Services: Locations and Directions

Library support for persons with disabilities

UM Interactive Accessibility Map

Aerial view of the Mansfield Library Interactive Accessibility Map

The Interactive Accessibility Map shows accessible entrances, priority snow routes, and curb cuts. It also provides detailed building accessibility information.Once on the map, click on a building and then the link to the building place page to view building-level accessibility data. Detailed instructions here

Mansfield Library

Driving directions to Campus

Built in 1974, the Mansfield Library is an accessible building located south of the University Center.


The main entrance is located on the north side of the building directly across from the University Center. It is accessible with slight angular ramping.  Automatic openers are located on the far left (door 1) and the far right (door 8) on the exterior doors. After passing through the exterior doors you are in the vestibule.  Two doors to the interior of the library are also equipped with automatic door openers door 1 (far left) and door 8 (far right). After the inner doors you will pass through security devices that are wheelchair accessible.


Elevator access is provided to all floors of the building. The two banks of elevators are to the left of the entrance and through a doorway. The two elevators are located to the left and right of the stairway.

Areas of Rescue Assistance

Locations designated for rescue assistance are located on each floor on the landing by the elevators.


Accessible restrooms are located on all floors.


Accessible parking is located in the University Center parking lot between the University Center and the Mansfield Library and on the ground floor of the parking garage adjacent to the Mansfield Library.


Barriers exist on Level 2 at the west end within the shelving areas. Twenty-three shelves of books are inaccessible for wheelchairs. Please ask for assistance at the Information Center, we are happy to retrieve materials or suggest alternative resources.

Mansfield Library at Missoula College

Driving directions to Missoula College


The Mansfield Library at Missoula College is located in the Administration Building which is an accessible one-story building located at the north end of Missoula College East campus.


The main entrance is located on the west side of the building; and the second entrance is on the east side of the building directly across from Sentinel High School. Both entrances have automatic door openers on the exterior doors. The door to the library is in the center of the main hallway across from food services and has an automatic door opener. As you enter the library you will pass through a security device that is wheelchair accessible.


Accessible restrooms are available.


Accessible parking is located near each entrance.


Barriers do exist related to physically accessing collections and study areas on the mezzanine. Please request assistance at the Information Center, we are happy to retrieve materials for you or recommend an alternative study area.