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Google Scholar at the University of Montana: Get Started

Optimize how you access scholarly resources from Google Scholar.

How It Works

Most of what Google Scholar searches is not freely available online.

The University of Montana libraries pay a subscription to provide access to full text content from scholarly journals and the databases that aggregate them. An exception is if that content is open access or in the public domain. So, anyone in the world can search Google Scholar from anywhere in the world and retrieve references to scholarly literature (journals, conference proceedings, etc.). But, you will likely only get full text access to most of that literature if you are here on campus or if you authenticate as a UM student/faculty/staff/researcher searching from off campus.

Here's how:


When you are on campus and logged into the Eduroam wifi network, Google Scholar will recognize that your device has already been authenticated and likely give you access to full text without you having to log in with your NetID and password.


When you are off campus and unable to use the Eduroam network, Google Scholar won't recognize that you are a UM student/faculty/staff/researcher unless you authenticate within Google Scholar. View directions below:


Step 1

Go to Google Scholar.

Step 2

Expand the upper left-hand menu and click "Settings".

Step 3

Select "Library links" from the left-hand menu options.

Step 4

Search for "University of Montana" and check the box next to "University of Montana-Missoula - Link to Article @ UM". Then click on the "Save" button on the lower right side of the page.

Fewer clicks to that PDF

Keep in Mind

Google Scholar does not search all scholarly resources and it doesn't even search all our library-subscribed electronic resources. No search engine searches every article, dissertation, conference presentation, white paper, report, etc. that has ever been published. We recommend using Google Scholar in conjunction with other discipline-specific or interdisciplinary databases available through the Mansfield Library website. View all library databases or consult the research guides for recommendations of subject-specific resources.