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Citation Style Guides and Management Tools

Guide to APA, ASA, Chicago/Turabian, MLA, and science citation styles, as well as information on citing government information and managing your research.


Online Guides

American Fisheries Society Publications Style

Council of Science Editors Style (formerly the Council of Biology Editors Style) Electronic Resources:

Ohio State University Guide

Colorado State University Guide

Journal of Wildlife Management Style Guide

Print Guide

Scientific Style and Format: the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers

Call Number: 808.066 S4169 2006

(Level 3 Information Desk and Level 2)


Online Guides

The American Chemical Society Style Guide Electronic Resources:

Berkeley Guide

Penn State Quick Guide

Print Guide

The American Chemical Society Style Guide

Call Number: 808.06654 A187

(Level 2)


Online Guide

American Mathematics Society: Author Package

Print Guide

Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences

Call number: 808.06651 H638h

(Level 2)


Online Guide

American Medical Association Style Guide: Electronic Resources: University of Washington Style Guide

Print Guide at the Reference Desk

American Medical Association Manual of Style : a guide for authors and editors

Call number 808.06661 A512s 2007


Generic Style of In-text Citations


Each time you make a statement based on a reference, cite that reference as soon as clarity allows, using the author(s) name(s) and publication date. e.g.:Several studies found that atrazine causes cancer in lab animals (Chickenlittle 1992; Jay and Crow 1996); however, other studies found no such effect (Ostrich et al. 1994; Frankenstein 1998).

The EPA web page provided both water quality standards (EPA 2002a) and drinking water standards (EPA 2002b).

For text references with more than 2 authors, list the first author and then "et al." Example:Smith et al. 1994.In the bibliography, list all authors for a source.

If you discuss one study for one or more paragraphs, do not cite it every sentence. Introduce the study at the beginning, then end with a final citation. For example: Bailey et al (1994) produced one of the definitive studies on the impacts of grazing on riparian birds….(discuss for a paragraph or two). ……. Hence livestock grazing was concluded to be one of most widespread human actions reducing the diversity of bird populations in the southwest US (Bailey et al 1994).

How to cite a work that was cited by someone else: (Powell 1858, cited in Forbes 1872) .NOTE: The CBE style manual, 1994 (pg. 626) states that "such citation through secondary sources should, in general, be discouraged" (i.e. read the original article if you want to cite it).

Generic Examples of Citations in a Bibliography

  • Citations should be listed alphabetically (by first author's last name) and chronologically (i.e. for papers by the same author, list earlier papers first). For papers by the same author in the same year, use:  Harris, C. L.  1990a;     Harris, C. L.  1990b;  EPA 2002;  EPA 2003
  • Indent or skip lines between citations for clarity.
  • Italicize Latin words (et al., genus species Ursus arctos) & journal names; underline or italicize book titles.