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Energy Research Guide

Places to start your research on energy

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Federal Agencies

The Energy Industry in the United States
This fact page includes a list of industry associations and publications.

Office of Energy and Environmental Industries
Provides links for national and international resources, especially Africa.

Department of Energy:   
The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.

Energy Information Administration
This database contains information on Electricity, State Energy Data Systems (SEDS), Petroleum, Natural Gas and Coal at national and state levels. Registration is required and free.

Currently, EIA's API contains two main data sets:

    408,000 electricity series organized into 29,000 categories
   30,000 State Energy Data System series organized into 600 categories
    115,052 petroleum series and associated categories
    11,989 natural gas series and associated categories
    132,331 coal series and associated categories (released Feb 25, 2014) 

Department of the Interior:
New Energy Frontier
This site contains reports and information from the Department of the Interior on oil, minerals and renewable energy resources.

National Institute of Standards and Technology:
 Energy Portal
Includes information on : Energy
This website provides the most recent market research, trade leads and event information in the Oil & Gas, Coal, Power Generation, and Renewable Energy industries including Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Civil Nuclear, Coal, and Power Generation with a focus on trade. Includes international information.

United Nations:
“UN-Energy was initiated as a mechanism to promote coherence within the United Nations family of organizations in the energy field and to develop increased collective engagement between the United Nations and other key external stakeholders.”