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Montana Historical Newspapers A - I

Advocate (Baker, Mont.)

Anaconda Standard (Anaconda, Mont.)

Avant Courier; Bozeman Avant Courier; Weekly Avant Courier (Bozeman, Mont.)

Baker Sentinel (Baker, Mont.)

Bear Mountain News (Bearmouth, Garnet and Coloma, Mont.)

  • Date: 1898-1900 (v.1 - v.2)
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 G235a, Level 1

Bear Paw Mountaineer (Big Sandy, Mont.)

Belt Mountain Miner (Barker, Mont.)

Benchland Advocate; Benchland Weekly Advocate (Benchland, Mont.)

Benton Record; Fort Benton Record (Fort Benton, Mont.)

Benton Weekly Record (Fort Benton, Mont.)

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.)

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.)

Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.)

Billings Daily Gazette (Billings, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1904-1914
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 B598g, Level 1

Billings Daily Tribune (Billings, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1914
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 B598e, Level 1

Billings Evening Journal (Billings, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1909
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 B598d, Level 1

Billings Gazette (Billings, Mont.)

Billings Gazette (Semi-weekly) (Billings, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1896 (some issues missing)
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 B598f, Level 1

Billings Herald (Billings, Mont.)

Billings Post (Billings, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1883-1885
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 B598a, Level 1

Billings Star (Billings, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1919-1920
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 B598j, Level 1

Billings Weekly Gazette (Billings, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1888-1929 (incomplete)
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 B598f, Level 1

Bitter Root Bugle (Grantsdale, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1889-1892
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 G764a, Level 1

Bitter Root Journal (Victor, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1908
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 V645a, Level 1

Bitter Root Times (Hamilton, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1892-1894
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 H222a, Level 1

Bozeman Courier (Bozeman, Mont.)

Bozeman Daily Chronicle (Bozeman, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1968-current
  • Format: Microfilm (1968-to 1 year ago); print (current year only)
  • Location: 071.86 B793b, Level 1

Bozeman Weekly Chronicle (Bozeman, Mont.)

Brady Whetstone (Brady, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1913
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 B812a, Level 1

Broadus Independent (Broadus, Mont.)

Broadwater County Citizen (Townsend, Mont.)

Broadwater Opinion (Townsend, Mont.)

Butte Daily Bulletin (Butte, Mont.)

Butte Independent (Butte, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1910-1930
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 B9882, Level 1

Buzzer (Billings, Mont.)

Carbon County News (Red Lodge, Mont.)

Char-Koosta; Char-Koosta News (Ronan?, Dixon and Pablo, Mont.)
Published by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Indian Reservation

Charlo Star (Charlo, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1922
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 C479a, Level 1

Choteau Acantha (Choteau, Mont.)

Choteau Calumet (Choteau, Mont.)

Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.)

Colored Citizen (Helena, Mont.)

Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.)

Copper Commando (Butte, Mont.)
The official newspaper of the Victory Labor-Management Production Committees at Butte, Anaconda and Great Falls

  • Dates: 1942-1945
  • Format: Print (1942-1945, incomplete); digital 1942-1945
  • Location: Print 978.668 C785, F Oversize, Level 2; digital Digital Commons @ Montana Tech

Crow Creek Journal (Toston, Mont.)

Cut Bank Pioneer Press (Cut Bank, Mont.)

Daily Enterprise; Livingston Enterprise (Livingston, Mont.)

Daily Gazette (Billings, Mont.)

Daily Herald (Billings, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1883-1884
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 B598c, Level 1

Daily Inter Lake (Kalispell, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1969-1972
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 K14a, Level 1

Daily Inter Mountain; Butte Inter Mountain; Butte Daily Post (Butte, Mont.)

Daily Interlake (Demersville, Mont.)

  • Dates: Articles by Sam E. Johns, 1889-1940
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: Sam E. Johns' Journals, 1943, Archives, Level 4

Daily Miner; Butte Daily Miner; Butte Miner; Semi-weekly Miner; Butte Semi-weekly Miner; Weekly Miner; Butte Weekly Miner (Butte, Mont.)

Daily Missoulian (Missoula, Mont.)

Daily Montana Post (Helena, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1868-1869
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 V817a, Level 1

Daily Rustler (Miles City, Mont.)

Daily Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.)

Daily Yellowstone Journal; Yellowstone Journal (Miles City, Mont.)

Dillon Daily Tribune (Dillon, Mont.)

Dillon Daily Tribune Examiner (Dillon, Mont.)

Dillon Examiner (Dillon, Mont.)

Dillon Tribune; Dillon Tribune Examiner (Dillon, Mont.)

Dupuyer Acantha (Depuyer, Mont.)


Eastern Highlights (Billings, Mont.)

Eastern State (Billings, Mont.)

Ekalaka Eagle; Ekalaka Eagle and Beaver Valley Press (Ekalaka, Mont.)

Emcoe (Billings, Mont.)

Enterprise (Harlem, Mont.)

Eureka Mirror (Eureka, Mont.)

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.)

Eyapi Oaye (Poplar, Mont.)

Fallon County Times (Baker, Mont.)

Fallonite (Baker, Mont.)

Fergus County Argus (Lewistown, Mont.)

Fergus County Democrat (Lewistown, Mont.)

Flathead Courier (Polson, Mont.)

Flathead Labor Journal; Treasure State Labor Journal (Kalispell, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1938-1955
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 F586, Level 1

Fort Benton Record see Benton Record

Fort Missoula News (Missoula, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1945-1946
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 070.44936548 F7363, Level 1

Fort Missoula Spotlight (Missoula, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1945-1946
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 070.44936548 F7363, Level 1

Fort Peck Press (Fort Peck, Mont.)

Garnet Mining News (Garnet, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1898-1900
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 G235a, Level 1

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.)

Glasgow Courier (Glasgow, Mont.)

Glendive Independent (Glendive, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1884-1902
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 G558a, Level 1

Glendive Times (Glendive, Mont.)

Granite Mountain Star (Granite, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1890-1891
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 G759a, Level 1

Grass Range Review (Grass Range, Mont.)

Great Falls Daily Tribune (Great Falls, Mont.)

Great Falls Evening Leader (Great Falls, Mont.)

Great Falls Leader (Great Falls, Mont.)

Great Falls Tribune (Great Falls, Mont.) (see also Tribune)

Great Falls Tribune: Montana Parade (Great Falls, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1944-1971, incomplete
  • Format: Print
  • Location: 978.6 G7863mo, Level 1

Great Falls Weekly Tribune (Great Falls, Mont.) (see also Weekly Tribune)

Hardin Tribune (Hardin, Mont.)

Hardin Tribune-Herald (Hardin, Mont.)

Harlowton News (Harlowton, Mont.)

Havre Herald (Havre, Mont.)

Helena Daily Herald (Helena, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1870-1889
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 H474g, Level 1

Helena Independent (Helena, Mont.)

Helena Weekly Herald (Helena, Mont.)

Hellgate Herald (Missoula, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1965-1966
  • Format: Print
  • Location: 978.6 H477 Montana Collection Oversize, Level 4

Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Mont.)

Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.)

Hungry Horse News (Columbia Falls, Mont.)

Independent (Moccasin, Mont.)

Independent-Record (Helena, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1947-
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 H474f, Level 1

Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.)

Inverness News (Inverness, Mont.)

Ismay (Ismay, Mont.)

Ismay Journal (Ismay, Mont.)

Montana Historical Newspapers J - Y

Judith Basin County Press (Stanford, Mont.)

Judith Gap Journal (Judith Gap, Mont.)

Kaimin see Montana Kaimin

Kalispell Bee (Kalispell, Mont.)

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.)

Kendall Miner (Kendall, Mont.)

Kevin Courier (Kevin, Mont.)

Kevin Review (Kevin, Mont.)

Ksanka Annex (Eureka, Mont.)

Lake Shore Sentinel (Polson, Mont.)

Laurel Outlook (Laurel, Mont.)

Lewistown Daily News; Lewistown News-Argus (Lewistown, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1969-1972
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 L677a, Level 1

Libby Herald (Libby, Mont.)

Little Rockies Miner (Zortman, Mont.)

Madisonian; Madisonian Times (Virginia City, Mont.)

Melstone Graphic (Melstone, Mont.)

Melstone Messenger (Melstone, Mont.)

Midland Review (Billings, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1934, 1941, 1944-1945, 1948-1949
  • Format: Microfilm; print copy for 1941 only
  • Location: 071.86 B598i, Level 1
  • Midland Review merged with Herald to form Yellowstone News (print 1951-1961)

Mineral Argus (Maiden, Mont.)

Mineral Independent (Superior, Mont.)

Missoula Gazette (Daily and Weekly) (Missoula, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1888-1892
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 M678a, Level 1

Missoula Herald (Missoula, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1906-1911
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 M678b, Level 1

Missoula Sentinel (Missoula, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1911-1962 (incomplete)
  • Format: Microfilm (1911-1929); print (1912-1962)
  • Location: Microfilm, 071.86 M678i, Level 1; print M 071.86 M678i Montana Collection Oversize, Level 4

Missoulian (Missoula, Mont.) (see also Daily Missoulian and Weekly Missoulian)

  • Dates: 1893, 1896-current
  • Format: Microfilm (1893, 1896-current); print on Level 1 (1901-1904, 1911, 1937, 1947, 1950-1953); print in Montana Collection (1947, 1950)
  • Location: Microfilm 071.86 M678e; print 071.86 M678d, Level 1; print 071.86 M678d Montana Collection Oversize, Level 4

Missouri Valley Index (Toston, Mont.)

Monmal (Dillon, Mont.)

Montana American (Butte, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1917-1925
  • Format: Print
  • Location: 978.66805 M764 Montana Collection Oversize, Level 4

Montana Christian Conservative (Missoula, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1961-1962
  • Format: Print
  • Location: 978.6 M7645c F Oversize, Level 2

Montana Courier (Shelby, Mont.)

Montana Daily Record; Montana Record Herald; Independent Record (Helena, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1901-1946
  • Format: Print
  • Location: 071.86 H474d, Level 1

Montana Democrat (Virginia City, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1866, 1868-1869
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 V817a, Level 1

Montana Farmer-Stockman (Great Falls, Mont.)

Montana Free Press (Butte, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1928-1929
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 B988b, Level 1

Montana Freie Presse; Montana Staats-Zeitung (Helena, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1886-1917
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 H474b, Level 1

Montana Kaimin (Missoula, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1898-current
  • Format: Microfilm (1898-1973, incomplete); print in Montana Collection (1898-1909, 1912-current, incomplete); print in Archives & Special Collections (1898-current); digital (1898-2015)
  • Location: Microfilm 378.786 M75-Qk, Level 1; print M 378.786 M75-Qk Montana Collection Oversize, Level 4; print in Archives & Special Collections, Level 4; digital ScholarWorks at University of Montana
  • "Old Kaimin index" (ca. 1900s-1930s) and "Kaimin index" (ca. 1930s to early 1970s) available in Montana Room. Coverage is not comprehensive

Montana Leader (Great Falls, Mont.)

Montana Live-Stock Journal (Helena, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1887, 1889
  • Format: Print
  • Location: 978.6 M7637 Montana Collection Oversize, Level 4

Montana News (Lewistown, Mont.)

Montana Nonpartisan (Great Falls, Mont.)

Montana Plaindealer (Helena, Mont.)

Montana Post (Virginia City, Mont.)

Montana Radiator (Helena, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1866
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 V817a, Level 1

Montana Record Herald (Helena, Mont.) see Montana Daily Record

Montana Silverite (Missoula, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1894-1897
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 M678c, Level 1

Montana Standard (Butte and Anaconda, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1968-current
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 B988d, Level 1

Montanian (Choteau, Mont.)

Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.)

Montanomal (Dillon, Mont.)

Moore Independent (Moore, Mont.)

Mount Saint Charles Scholastic (Helena, Mont.)

Mountaineer (Big Sandy, Mont.)

Neihart Herald (Neihart, Mont.)

New Age (Butte, Mont.)

New North-west (Deer Lodge, Mont.)

North West Tribune (Stevensville, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1888-1919
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 S848, Level 1


People's Voice (Helena, Mont.)

Philipsburg Mail (Philipsburg, Mont.)

Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.)

Powder River County Examiner and the Broadus Independent (Broadus, Mont.)

Producers News (Plentywood, Mont.)

Prospector (Helena, Mont.)

Pulp (Billings, Mont.)

Ravalli Republican (Stevensville, Mont.)

Red Lodge Picket (Red Lodge, Mont.)

Retort (Billings, Mont.)

Rimrock Echo (Billings, Mont.)

River Press (Fort Benton, Mont.)

Rocky Mountain Husbandman (Diamond City, Mont.)

Ronan Pioneer (Ronan, Mont.)

Rosebud County News (Forsyth, Mont.)

Roundup Record (Roundup, Mont.)

Saco Independent (Saco, Mont.)

Sanders County Democrat (Plains, Mont.)

Sanders County Independent-Ledger (Thompson Falls, Mont.)

Sanders County Ledger (Thompson Falls, Mont.)

Sanders County Signal (Plains, Mont.)

Searchlight (Culbertson, Mont.)

Semcoe (Billings, Mont.)

Semi-weekly Tribune (Great Falls, Mont.)

Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.)

Suffrage Daily News (Helena, Mont.)

Sun River Sun (Sun River, Mont.)

Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.)

Times (Missoula, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1964-1969
  • Format: Print
  • Location: 978.685 T583 Montana Collection, Level 4

Toston Times (Toston, Mont.)

Townsend Forum (Townsend, Mont.)

Townsend Forum and Townsend Messenger (Townsend, Mont.)

Townsend Inter-Mountain (Townsend, Mont.)

Townsend Messenger (Townsend, Mont.)

Townsend Tranchant (Townsend, Mont.)

Townsend Star (Townsend, Mont.)

Tri-weekly Post (Virginia City, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1866, 1868?
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 V817a, Level 1

Tri-weekly Republican (Helena, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1866
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 V817a, Level 1

Tribune (Great Falls, Mont.) (see also Great Falls Tribune)

Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.)

Tumbleweed (Helena, Mont.)

Weekly Chronicle (Bozeman, Mont.)

Weekly Independent (Deer Lodge and Helena, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1867-1875
  • Format: Microfilm
  • Location: 071.86 D312b, Level 1

Weekly Missoulian (Missoula, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1873-1900, 1905
  • Format: Microfilm (1873-1900); print (1905)
  • Location: 071.86 M678d, Level 1

Weekly Montanian (Thompson Falls, Mont.)

Weekly Tribune (Great Falls, Mont.) (see also Great Falls Weekly Tribune)

Wescolite (Dillon, Mont.)

Western News (Stevensville, Mont.)

Whitefish Pilot (Whitefish, Mont.)

Wibaux Pioneer (Wibaux, Mont.)

Winifred Times (Winifred, Mont.)

Winston Prospector (Winston, Mont.)

Wolf Point Herald (Wolf Point, Mont.)

Wotanin (Poplar, Mont.)

Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.)

Yellow Jacket (Billings, Mont.)

Yellowstone Monitor (Glendive, Mont.)

Yellowstone News (Billings, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1951-1961 (incomplete)
  • Format: Print
  • Location: 978.639 Y432, Level 1 and M978.639 M629 Montana Collection Oversize, Level 4

Yellowstone Journal (Miles City, Mont.)

Yellowstone Valley Star (Savage, Mont.)

  • Dates: 1912-1916, 1920 (7-month gap from August 1914 through February 1915)
  • Format: Digital
  • Location: Montana Newspapers

You Name It (Billings, Mont.)