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Library Resources for Remote Research & Instruction: Resources for Instructors

This guide will point you to resources that will help you do research and teach remotely.

Currently Free Resources (in response to COVID-19)

In addition to the 200+ databases the library provides for the UM community (via NetID access off-campus), below are resources currently free in response to the virus outbreak, including many that offer eTextbooks and eBooks.

Access is also now available to the following databases:

Moving Physical Content Online

We are providing scanning services for faculty to move their content online. Please reach out to Circulation at or 406-243-4071 for requests or questions. If you need an entire electronic book please reach out to  If you need a video for your course, please reach out to See below for a FAQ on copyright.

Copyright FAQ

I'd like to show my DVD/Blu-ray/VHS via Zoom or Moodle.  What options do I have?
  • In general, you'll need permission--or a license--from the copyright holder of the film to do this.  
  • Copyright Coordinator, Tammy Ravas, can assist you in locating a commercially available, streamed version of the film you'd like to use in your online class. 
  • Please allow 5-7 business days for requesting a streamed version of a film for your class.  It may take longer to purchase a streaming license to a video in some cases; this will depend on vendor circumstances and we will keep you up to date on delays if they occur.  Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.  
  • Here are a few of the options that Tammy can explore with you:
    • There are distributors who sell institutional streaming licenses to their films, including Kanopy, Swank Digital Campus, and Films Media Group
      • Generally, these services cover documentary, educational, or independent films. 
      • Once the library purchases a license to these films, your students will be able to access them using their NetID and password.
      • There have been some distributors who have been providing discounted access (and in a few cases, free access) to streaming licenses of their films.
    • Streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and AppleTV allow individual students and instructors to purchase access.
      • Generally, these services cover blockbuster films or television shows.
      • Unfortunately, due to the terms of service for such services, the library cannot purchase access for your students.
    • While some filmmakers are legally posting their films to YouTube, this is rare. In general, full films that are posted to YouTube are pirated and are taken down from the site expediently.
    • Some films will fall outside of these options.  Given the current public health crisis, there may be applicable exceptions within U.S. copyright law to help you provide access to such films.  Please contact Tammy for further help.
Can I scan an entire book or score and upload it to Moodle?
  • If the book or score was published after 1925, then, in general, no.  You'll need permission from the rights holder to scan an entire book that is still covered by copyright law and upload it to Moodle.  
  • If the book or score was published before 1925, then it's in the public domain.  There's a good chance that the book has already been scanned and uploaded to sites like the Internet Archive, IMSLP, or Project Gutenberg.  Please note that scholarly editions of public domain books and scores published after 1925 are not in the public domain. 
  • Scanning small portions of a book or score and uploading them to Moodle will likely fall under fair use--especially given these extraordinary circumstances.
  • The Mansfield Library subscribes to a number of ebook databases. To locate them, you can do an "Advanced Search" of our catalog for a title and limit your results by resource type to "Books (Electronic)" on the right hand side of the search screen. Please also note that although many of our ebooks provide unlimited and simultaneous use, this isn't always the case. 
  • The Library might be able to purchase an electronic version of a book if it's not in the public domain and the entire book is needed.  Please contact us to make a request. 
Is it okay to scan and upload a chapter of a book or a movement of a score to Moodle?
How can I post an article from the library's databases to Moodle?
  • Please post a link to an article from our library's databases rather than upload a pdf of it.  
  • If you see a button or link that says, "permanent link", or "persistent link", please use that to provide access to the article in Moodle. 
Who can I contact for further copyright questions?
  • Contact Tammy Ravas (Professor/Arts and Media Librarian and Copyright Coordinator) via phone (406-243-4402) or email:

Pre-record Your Class Session

*NOTE: Beginning Monday, March 23, the library will temporarily provide appointment-only access for UM users (with appointments made 24 hours in advance), Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm. As such, appointments to use the One Button and Lightboard studios must be made by 5pm on the day preceding the reservation start. 

Instructions on how to use the One Button Studio. For the first step, insert your drive into the dock to begin. Next, press the button to start or stop recording. And lastly, remove your drive when you are finished.

Open Educational Resources for Online Teaching

Please contact Digital Initiatives Librarian, Wendy Walker, for more information on locating and using open educational resources for your course.

Library Instruction Requests

Library instruction is available remotely for the rest of the semester. Teaching requests will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.