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NUTR 221N Basic Human Nutrition: Citations & Acdademic Honesty

This guide is designed for students enrolled in NUTR 221.


Correctly citing your sources is one way to ensure academic integrity in your research.  Academic integrity, or academic honesty, is an important ethical concept in research.  Abiding by this concept helps your instructors and readers to track and verify the sources that you have used in your research.  Academic honesty also helps to ensure that other researchers will reference your work as well.  This set of modules will help you understand why it is important to cite your sources in your research as well as how to cite them correctly. 

You may be already be familiar with academic honesty's polar opposite; plagiarism.  This is generally defined as a researcher claiming another's ideas, words, and work as their own.  Whether done intentionally or unintentionally, plagiarism is a serious breach of academic ethics.  If caught, one can face heavy consequences.  Pages 5-12 of the University of Montana's Student Conduct Code further defines plagiarism and its consequences.

APA Citations Video Tutorial

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