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Endangered Data Week: Home

February 25th - March 1st, 2019

What is Endangered Data Week?

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February 25th - March 1st, 2019

at the Mansfield Library, University of Montana

Led by the Digital Library Federation, Endangered Data Week is an international, collaborative effort, coordinated across campuses, nonprofits, libraries, citizen science initiatives, and cultural heritage institutions, to shed light on public datasets that are in danger of being deleted, repressed, mishandled, or lost. The goals of Endangered Data Week are to promote care for endangered collections by publicizing the availability of datasets; increasing critical engagement with them, including through visualization and analysis; and by encouraging political activism for open data policies and the fostering of data skills through workshops on curation, documentation and discovery, improved access, and preservation.

Scheduled Events

February 25, 2019 (Monday): 12PM-1PM

Endangered Languages as Endangered Data

Location: Mansfield Library - East Faculty Office Area

Leora Bar-el (Associate Professor, Linguistics Program, University of Montana)

Mizuki Miyashita (Professor, Linguistics Program, University of Montana)

Tammy Ravas (Associate Professor, Mansfield Library, University of Montana)


In this panel, faculty members from the UM Linguistics Program and the Mansfield Library discuss various aspects of managing and preserving data from endangered languages. Topics include issues in accessibility, archiving, and copyright.


February 27, 2019 (Wednesday): 11AM-12PM

How to Prevent Endangering Your Data

Location: Mansfield Library - Learning Commons

Erin Baucom (Digital Archivist, Mansfield Library, University of Montana)


This presentation will focus on some simple, practical steps you can take to try and prevent endangering your personal and research data. First, how to name and organize your files and folders generally. Second, a simple overview of how to organize datasets in database structures. Third, what file formats live the longest. Lastly, what kind of back-ups work best in different situations. The emphasis of this presentation is everyday steps that can become routine, but could save your data from extinction and make it easier to share your data with fellow researchers.


***Postponed (new date TBD)***

Montana Government Info: What, Where, and How to Save It

Location: Mansfield Library - Learning Commons

James Kammerer (State Publications Librarian, Montana State Library)


Government information is "boring” whines the unaware.  Au contraire!  Government information is the basis of most news stories. Come learn how the Montana State Library identifies, acquires, preserves, and provides permanent public access to digital state government information intended for public distribution.  Includes an online tour of the state publications repository, a collection of archived state agency websites, and a little-known compilation of state government databases from all 50 states.  Finally, in the spirit of Endangered Data Week, attendees will learn how to single-handedly rescue web content at risk of extinction.


Our New "Learning Commons"

Come join us in the Mansfield Library's new Learning Commons for Endangered Data festivities!

The exterior of the the Learnings Commons at the Mansfield Library.

Contact Information

For more information on any Endangered Data Week events, email