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Education Data Resources Research Guide

This guide points you to resources for locating education data.


This guide points you to resources for locating education data, such as enrollment figures, academic achievement, school spending, and more. The majority of resources listed are freely available on the Internet, though a few, such as ERIC and ICPSR, are proprietary databases accessible via the library home page. Some resources include downloadable data sets, others provide aggregate trend publications and tables. The resources listed will help you find the following types of information, among others:

  • demographic data on students at the local, district, state and national levels;
  • international trend data on mathematics and science achievement; and
  • academic, enrollment, and financial figures for American institutions of higher education.

There are three main sections of the guide, United States Data, International Data, and Databases (where you can find both types of data). You will also see a link above to another guide titled Montana Higher Ed Institutional Data Resources that covers select University of Montana-Missoula, Montana University System and Montana Board of Regents data, reports and strategic plans.