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This guide provides information relating to the Mansfield Library's offerings of Carpentries workshops.


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Welcome to the Mansfield Library Carpentry Organization! We are a group of faculty and students who organize and teach free workshops by using the Data Carpentry organization's learning materials. By attending our workshops, you will learn how to use open-source software tools and computing resources that enhances the productivity and streamlines the research process. All disciplines on the University of Montana campus are welcome and are encouraged to get involved!

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The Carpentries Philosophy

We facilitate a friendly environment for learning and acknowledge that mistakes are a very, very important part of the learning process. All workshop participants are required to abide by our Code of Conduct to ensure that all attendees to have a positive learning experience. Our hands-on workshops are intentionally designed for those with no prior experience!

Data Management Help

Need help with research data management? What is data management? Check out the Mansfield Library's Data Management Guide

Upcoming Workshops

Data Analysis and Visualization in R for Social Scientists

2-day workshop*

*Due to temporary library closures and statewide Stay-at-Home directives, this in-person workshop is postponed until early Fall 2020 Semester. Please check back for updates on exact dates and times. Reach out to if you have questions.

The Carpentries Audience

Below is a learner profilejust one example of the diverse domain backgrounds, levels of computational experience, and career stages of Carpentries learners.

"Mehrdad Mapping is a graduate student studying bark beetle infestations in the Canadian taiga. He has never taken a programming course, but used SAS in an undergraduate statistics course.

For the last three years, Mehrdad has spent six weeks every autumn counting beetle bores in pine trees in the Yukon and Alaska. He now has a spreadsheet with 5,000 entries, each recording the location and time of a measurement, the number of bores found, the moisture and acidity of the soil, and several other values. He also has two hundred text files containing 7,000 measurements that his supervisor made in the same regions in the 1970s and 1980s. His task now is to clean up and analyse both sets of measurements so that he can start to correlate changes in bark beetle distribution with changes in climate.

In high school, Mehrdad was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, which he learned to manage.

Software Carpentry will teach Mehrdad how to standardise, merge, and set up basic analyses for these data sets, and how to produce the figures and tables he needs for his papers with just a few lines of code. In addition, it will show him how to use web services to generate and share maps of these data with colleagues."

- Derived from Our Audience.

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Past Workshops

Beginning R for Ecologists: Data Manipulation and Visualization

February 26, 2020