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FAQ: For Faculty

Q. What is the difference between adopting and adapting an OER textbook?

"The term, adaptation, is commonly used to describe the process of making changes to an existing work. Though we can also replace “adaptwith revise, modify, alter, customize, or other synonym that describes the act of making a change." (Adaptation Guide, BCcampus) Adopting, on the other hand, implies that minimal changes have been made to a work. 

Check out the Modifying an Open Textbook ebook from the Open Textbook Network for guidelines on how to modify an existing open access textbook

Q. What can I use the funds from an OER@UMT grant for?

If awarded a OER@UMT grant, you receive funding once all deliverables have been submitted to the OER Task Force. Deliverables do not include a list of expenses. If you need funding for an up-front cost, like a student worker, work with your department to secure funding and they can be reimbursed directly.

Visit the OER@UMT website for full details on both grants.

Q. Can I use a textbook I've already written to apply for an OER grant?

Not if you have already been using it in a class you teach. 

Q. What are some examples of open access textbooks in my discipline?