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FAQ: OneSearch

Q. Why do books from other libraries show up in OneSearch?

OneSearch is a shared search system among a consortium of academic libraries in Montana.

If a book from another library shows up in OneSearch that isn't available at a UM Missoula library (i.e., Mansfield Library, Payne Family Library at Missoula College, or Jameson Law Library) you can request the item be sent to a UM Missoula library for you to borrow.

For example, if you search for the book Don't make me think by Steve Krug you see the following item in the results list:

book that says check physical availability

After the book information is the text "Check Physical Availability". Once you click on the book title you will see the institution that owns a physical copy of the book. In this example, the book is available at UM Western.

To request the item be sent to a UM Missoula library, click on the "Log in" link. Once logged in you can indicate from which UM Missoula library you want to pick up the book and request the item.

You will be notified via your university email when the item you requested is ready to be picked up.

Q. What does OneSearch search?

OneSearch searches the library's physical items (e.g., books, CDs, DVDs) and content (e.g., articles, ebooks, journals) from roughly half of the library's subscription electronic resources.

To search content not included in OneSearch, search the individual databases not indexed or searchable in OneSearch.

Q. OneSearch indicates online access is available for an item, but there's a "your search did not match an online resource" message instead of link(s)?

If you come across a record for a full-text item with a green "Check online access" message, this means the library has the item and is able to provide you with access. However, occasionally you will see a message reading, "Your search did not match an online resource at UM. Please log in to request from another library."

Journal record Christianity and literature

Confusing, right? Unfortunately, the OneSearch system has a bug that sometimes mixes up the two different services whose function it is to retrieve lists of online sources for the end user. You can typically correct the non display issue by clicking refresh in your browser until the list of online sources loads. It might take a few refreshes or you could try clicking out of the record and clicking back in.

Journal record Christianity and literature