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Copyright Issues and Resources: Copyright in materials on the Internet

These pages are intended to provide contacts and resources that may assist the UM community in effectively navigating copyright concerns.

Contacts for copyright issues

Tammy Ravas
Associate Professor, Mansfield Library
Visual and Performing Arts Librarian and Copyright Coordinator
(406) 243-4402
tammy.ravas [at]

Wendy Walker
Associate Professor, Mansfield Library
Digital Initiatives Librarian
(406) 243-6004
wendy.walker [at]

Julia Jackman-Brink
Mansfield Library Reserve Materials Supervisor
(406) 243-6730
julia.jackman-brink [at]

Lucy France
University of Montana General Counsel
(406) 243-6786
lucy.france [at]

Copyright in web site materials

Internet articles found on Google or other search engines, as well as images posted to websites, may well be protected by copyright and their use in papers, presentations, and classrooms by faculty or students restricted. These materials need not have the affixed copyright symbol or copyright statement to be protected. It may not matter if one cannot tell who prepared these materials, because with few exceptions websites, as well as the information and images thereon, are protected.

To use website content for class projects, consider whether Fair Use or the TEACH Act is a valid defense. Anyone with questions should contact us.

Visual and Performing Arts

Tammy Ravas's picture
Tammy Ravas
Arts and Media Librarian and Copyright Coordinator


MLIB 323

Mansfield Library

University of Montana

Missoula, MT 59812-9936

Ph. 406-243-4402


Please remember that any use of copyrighted works is at user discretion subject to the restrictions and other considerations above. Guidance provided by the Mansfield Library, including the contents of this site, should not be considered legal advice.