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Copyright Issues and Resources: Home

These pages are intended to provide contacts and resources that may assist the UM community in effectively navigating copyright concerns.

Contacts for copyright issues

Tammy Ravas
Associate Professor, Mansfield Library
Visual and Performing Arts Librarian and Copyright Coordinator
(406) 243-4402
tammy.ravas [at]

Wendy Walker
Associate Professor, Mansfield Library
Digital Initiatives Librarian
(406) 243-6004
wendy.walker [at]

Julia Jackman-Brink
Mansfield Library Reserve Materials Supervisor
(406) 243-6730
julia.jackman-brink [at]

Lucy France
University of Montana General Counsel
(406) 243-6786
lucy.france [at]

Copyright issues and resources

The University community is affected by copyright legislation in many different ways. These pages are intended to provide contacts and resources that may assist the UM community in effectively navigating copyright concerns. All costs and fees associated with obtaining copyright permission(s) are the sole responsibility of the individual(s) seeking copyright permission, and not the Mansfield Library.

Copyrighted materials are protected from infringing and other illegal use by federal and state laws. Willful misuse by UM employees or students can result in severe penalties including fines and imprisonment for individuals, as well as employee termination and student expulsion. Guidance provided by the Mansfield Library should not be considered legal counsel.

What is protected by copyright?

Any original work, created by an author, fixed in a tangible medium of expression, is very likely to be protected by copyright. This includes books, articles, photographs, music, movies, sound and video recordings, websites, software, architecture, choreography, and even letters, doodles and graffiti. No copyright symbol ( © ) or statement is required to protect a work, and educational use doesn't automatically grant permission. Unless the proposed use of copyrighted materials falls into one of the exemptions described below, such use must have explicit and specific permission from the copyright holder.

The process for determining copyright ownership and use restrictions, as well as for seeking use permission, can take considerable time. UM instructors, staff and students desiring to use copyrighted materials should carefully determine intended use(s) of these materials and then undertake a copyright use and permission analysis as early as possible before such use proceeds.

Visual and Performing Arts

Tammy Ravas's picture
Tammy Ravas
Arts and Media Librarian and Copyright Coordinator


MLIB 323

Mansfield Library

University of Montana

Missoula, MT 59812-9936

Ph. 406-243-4402


Please remember that any use of copyrighted works is at user discretion subject to the restrictions and other considerations above. Guidance provided by the Mansfield Library, including the contents of this site, should not be considered legal advice.