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New Government Documents Research Guide: E-books

Reviews of new government documents

Free eBooks!

GPO is now offering free eBooks through its Federal Depository Library Program and the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP).

Centralized access to a growing collection of approximately 100 Federal Government eBooks is now easier than ever.

Catalog records in the CGP include descriptive information and PURLs that link to the eBook titles. These records also display available formats for each title—.mobi, .epub, and other digital formats. 

New Releases

My Future, My Way: First Steps Toward College (ePub)
By: U.S. Dept. of Education, Federal Student Aid
GPO Stock # 065-300-00008-7 ISBN: 9780160930959

This publication speaks to middle school students and their parents to provide information on how to prepare for and how to pay for educational expenses at an eligible college or career school.


Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease (PDF eBook)
By: US Department of Health & Human Services, NIH/National Institute on Aging
GPO Stock # 017-300-00032-6 ISBN: 9780160930164

This easy-to-read booklet will help readers learn about Alzheimer’s disease, its symptoms and treatments, when to see the doctor, research studies, and where caregivers...

Astronomical Phenomena for the Year 2017 (PDF eBook)
By: US Department of Defense, Navy, Nautical Almanac Office
GPO Stock # 008-300-00086-1 ISBN: 9780160928789

This small PDF "booklet" contains general interest material preprinted from The Astronomical Almanac. The download version contains the same data found in the printed booklet.  It includes such things as: dates for equinoxes, solstices, phases of...


Battle Behind Bars: Navy and Marine POWs in the Vietnam War (Mobi)
By: U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Navy, Naval History and Heritage Command
GPO Stock # 008-300-00077-1 ISBN: 9780160928642

The unconventional nature of the war and the unforgiving environment of Southeast Asia inflicted special hardships on the Vietnam-era POWs, whether they spent captivity in the jungles of the South, or the jails of the North. This book describes...

About Government eBooks

Users can download GPO-provided files of eBooks free of charge, for use on various eBook reading devices. GPO’s goal is to expand and provide greater access to U.S. Federal Government content.

eBook titles can be accessed via catalog records available in the CGP. Catalog records include descriptive information, as well as Persistent Uniform Resource Locators (PURLs) that link to the eBook titles. PURLs provide web links that can be reliably cited in other publications. Each CGP record displays the available formats for a title—.mobi, .epub, as well as other digital formats. Every month, newly-acquired eBook titles are added to the CGP for public access.

Identifying and Accessing eBook Titles in the CGP

eBook titles can be searched using the eBook search box on this page or initiating a search in the CGP. You can also browse all available eBook titles on the CGP. Download eBook titles by clicking on the PURL link located the Internet Access field.

What types of e-books are available?

Currently the e-books available are from the Department of Defense or are health related. More subjects will be added in the future.