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HSTR 437: US - Latin American Relations: Scholarly Publication

This guide will help you get started in your research for History 437.

Some Good resources

Academic Publishing Handbook

Written by James Hartley, a research professor at the University of Keele, UK, and published by Routledge, this handbook outlines the process of scientific and academic writing.

Scholarly Publication Process

The scholarly publication cycle is a multi-step process that can take months or even years. Below is a step by step outline of the process, courtesy of the Publish, Not Perish site at the University of Colorado.

  1. Author submits manuscript to academic journal editor
  2. Editor determines whether manuscript has sufficient merit to be reviewed by editorial board or selected external reviewers
  3. Manuscript sent back to the author with a rejection letter or on to reviewers
  4. Reviewers return the manuscript to the editor with comments and recommendations (depending on peer review model)
  5. Editor sends manuscript back to the author with either a rejection letter or a request for revisions
  6. Author revises manuscript and resubmits to editor
  7. Editor (sometimes) sends revised manuscript back to external reviewers
  8. Editor accepts or rejects manuscript
  9. Author provides editing or proofing of final copy before publication
  10. Paper is eventually published in journal

Ethics in Academic Publishing

There are a host of ethical issues involving academic writing and publishing, from instances of plagiarism to questions about who funded the research. Below are some links to resources that discuss ethical issues in publication.

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