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Indigenous Authors

Native American authors, readings and library resources


Sherman Alexie Spokane/Coeur d'Alene (1966-)
Indian killer, 813.54 A384i
The summer of black widows, 811.54 A384s
Old shirts & new skins, 811.54 A384s 
First Indian on the moon,  970.6897 A384f
Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven, 813.54 A384L

Paula Gunn Allen
Shadow country 811.54 A428s
Woman who owned the shadows 813.54 A4284w
Off the reservation : reflections on boundary-busting border-crossing loose canons 814.54 A4283o

Louise Erdrich, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, (1954-)
Antelope wife : a novel 813.54 E662a 
Beet queen : a novel 813.54 E662b
Bingo palace 813.54 E662bi

Janet Campbell Hale, Coeur d'Alene (1964-)
Jailing of Cecelia Capture 813.54 H162j 
The owl's song. HALE (Children's Collection)
Bloodlines : odyssey of a native daughter 970.2 H162Z

Navarre Scott Momaday, Kiowa, (1934-)
Ancient child : a novel 813.54 M732an

James Welch, Blackfoot, (1940-)
Death of Jim Loney 813.54 W439d
The heartsong of Charging Elk : a novel 813.54 W439h

Poems and Short Stories

Barney Bush, Shawnee, (1946-)
Inherit the blood : poetry and fiction 811.54 B978i

Joy Harjo, Mvskike, (1951-)
Conflict resolution for holy beings : poems 811.54 H2822C
How we became human : new and selected poems 811.54 H282h 

Duane Niatum, Klallam,  (1938-)
Digging out the roots : poems. Poetry corner 811.54 N5779d 
Songs for the harvester of dreams : poems, poetry corner 811.54 N5779s

Simon J. Ortiz, Acoma Pueblo, (1941-)
After and before the lightning  970.689705 S957 v. 28
Going for the rain : poems 811.54 O77g 
Men on the moon : collected short stories 813.54 O77m

Wendy Rose, Hpoi/Miwok, (1948-)
Halfbreed chronicles and other poems level 2 811.54 R797h

Leslie Marmon Silko, Laguna Pueblo (1948-)
Yellow woman 813.54 S583y
Story Teller  813.54 S583s

nila northSun, Shoshone/Chippewa,  (1951-)
Love at gunpoint : poems 810.9 D554 v.342 
Snake in her mouth : poems 1974-96 811.54 N877s 



Vine Deloria Jr., Standing Rock Sioux (1933-2005)
Spirit & reason : the Vine Deloria, Jr., reader 970.00497 D3624s

American Indians, American justice 970.634773 D362a 

Behind the trail of broken treaties : an Indian declaration of independence 970.5 D362b.u

Brief history of the Federal responsibility to the American Indian / based on the report "Legislative analysis of the Federal role in Indian education" HE 19.102:In 2/6

Jack D. Forbes,  Powhatan-Renapé/ Lenape (1934-2011)
Columbus and other cannibals

Winona LaDuke, Ojibwe, (1959-)
All our relations : native struggles for land and life 333.2 L157a
Recovering the sacred : the power of naming and claiming level 4 299.7 L157R