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Sociology Databases

For a comprehensive list of all library databases, see the databases, A-Z list.

A Word about Research

"Doing research carefully and reporting it clearly are hard work, consisting of many tasks, often competing for your attention at the same time. And no matter how carefully you plan, research follows a crooked path, taking unexpected turns, sometimes up blind alleys, even looping back on itself...When you can manage its parts, you can manage the often intimidating whole..."

from The Craft of Research (3rd ed, 2008) by Wayne Booth, Gregory Colomb and Joseph Williams

Using the Research/Annotation Guide

First, download the Research/Annotation Guide (above). This tool will help you evaluate and manage the sources that you will consider for this paper.

Next, consider a variety of sources for your paper. For each source that you consider, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Understanding the source:
    •  Is it peer-reviewed
    • Is this piece cited by others?
    • Does this article cite other sources you might use in your paper?
    • How might you use this source in your paper?
  • Evaluating the source:
    • What is the main finding of this source?
    • What data and methods did the author use?
    • What is most/least convincing about this source? 

Finally, once you have selected the three scholarly sources that you are going to use in your paper, start typing up answers to each of the questions on the Research/Annotation Guide. You should have a separate page of answers for each of your three sources. Look for a folder called "annotated bibliography for paper #2" on the course moodle site.

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