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Snapchat Stories In The Library With Spectacles: Home

Student-created videos in the Mansfield Library using Snapchat Spectacles.

Snapchat Spectacles

  Snapchat Spectacles are now available to check out at the Mansfield Library! We’re having a contest to celebrate! 


How to Participate

1. Check out Spectacles and explore the Mansfield Library. Share your favorite part, place or resource in the library! Take one or more photo and/or video snaps.

2. Save your Snapchat Story and email it to

The winner will receive $50 in your choice of BearBucks or a UM Bookstore giftcard!

Contest Rules

Snapchat Stories in the Library submissions may be used by Mansfield Library on social media outlets, website, and in other promotional materials. Submissions will be judged on a) creativity, b) effort and c) impact.

  1. Participants must have their own Snapchat account.

  2. Spectacles are available to check out for one hour in-library with your Griz Card.

  3. Spectacles will connect to your personal Snapchat account via Bluetooth.

  4. Submissions will be posted on the Mansfield Library Facebook page, LibGuide,  and YouTube channel with closed captioning.

  5. Multiple submissions are encouraged!

  6. Stories submitted between August 27-September 17, 2017 will be judged by our panel. The winner will be notified and announced by September 29, 2017.

  7. Do not include people in your snaps without asking permission!

  8. Please do not disturb people on level five, which is a quiet study area.

  9. Submissions containing any of the following will be DELETED and ineligible. The person(s) responsible may be reported to campus police.

  1. Nudity

  2. Profanity or derogatory language

  3. Sex acts

  4. Harassment

  5. Illegal activities