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Plagiarism and Academic Honesty: Home

Information and resources on plagiarism and academic honesty for the UM community


The University of Montana Student Conduct Code defines plagiarism as "representing another person's words, ideas, data, or materials as one's own". This, and other specified forms of academic misconduct, are "subject to an academic penalty by the course instructor and/or a disciplinary sanction by the University." Penalty for academic dishonesty can vary depending on the severity of the action. Students are subject to both faculty specific repercussions as well as those imposed by the university. Plagiarism isn't just a student conduct offence, it also shows a lack of respect for the coursework and can have serious repercussions in later academic endeavours.


By following proper citation rules, as well as being aware of copyright and fair use guidelines, students can avoid plagiarizing their assignments. This guide includes links and tips for recognizing and avoiding plagiarism by showing academic honesty in research. The guide also includes a "Faculty" tab filled with links to tips and lesson plans.

Need more help? The librarian staff at Mansfield is here to help! Call, text, chat, email, or stop by the desk.


UM faculty and students have access to a wealth of resources to help avoid plagiarism and strengthen their writing:

Visit the Faculty and Student tabs in this guide for links to online sources for recognizing plagiarism.

Chat with a Librarian about how to avoid plagiarism.

  • Librarians can be reached online via email or chat, or at the library reference desk.

Check out a writing guide. These guides give specific instructions on proper citation and writing styles that can help you avoid turning in a plagiarized assignment.

Both the Missoula College and the UM Mountain campus offer writing tutors at no cost to students. Contact information is linked in the Student tab. 

embeddable video on plagiarism and citation

This video, intended for a general audience, covers when and how to cite very briefly.  Feel free to use/reuse as you'd like.

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